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What the relations between the MAN and the WOMAN begin with?

the beginning take off In the Bible from the Word. And from what it is reckoned in relationship between the Man and the Woman? Too from the Word. But only this Word is information.

The nature itself defines degree of readiness of the person in processing of similar information. That is why this information stream has the closed character. Only the Man and the Woman have the surprising attractive and fascinating force which is not giving in to any logical judgment. Power field two halves influences not only a body and consciousness of each of them, but also formation of a peculiar joint karmic structure. The internal monologue at the subconscious level turns into internal dialogue.

If the family is formed on such natural (information) base, then to it no external cataclysms as in her environment the Divine principle giving the chance really to be engaged in the creating activity ordered by the Creator will begin to waken will be terrible any more. And all links in this harmonious chain among themselves will be connected by Universal Lyubov. It does not flash and does not die away - it is! All acts of the person become impregnated with it. Everything occurs naturally and harmoniously.

Seriously those who " are mistaken; love by all means connects only with intimate proximity. The love in general cannot be outlined any accurate framework. This feeling harmoniously penetrates itself all range of the inner and physical world. The movement is life. And so, and in love there is a peculiar movement from the Universal spiritual power field - to terrestrial energy of formation of bases of the family center. In this chain any link does not drop out. And between themselves they are in constant unity and interaction. But that female heart radiated an inexhaustible fervor of love, it is necessary to help to open it not only the sincere center of its feelings, but also to constantly maintain invariable interest, first of all, in itself. The woman without love - a nonsense as Lyubov is the basic " engine; vital energy. And fully to work this " engine; vital energy will be able only in harmonious interaction with the soulmate .

The woman - a love source. In love, true and deep, children are born with the richest spiritual potential. But that it occurred, it is necessary to seize at first a subtle art of harmonious transfer of a man`s energy potential to the woman. And only then, in harmonious contact of karmas of two halves the spiritual beginnings of new life will be put. It is especially thin sphere of a human state. Carefully prepare for it, passing the whole cycle of internal self-cleaning.

It is necessary to remember that the Person - the highest creation of the nature allocated and the supreme cultural wealth. Therefore, for it the birth of the child is not only physiological requirement connected only with desire about reproduction human . The child`s birth for the Person is the birth of the Person in new life. What he wants to see himself in it? Of course, more perfect, than in present life. But for this purpose it is necessary and to enclose the best in new life. That is, at first it is necessary to save up all the energy potential and in the certain time optimum for conception of the child, to give all the best so, as far as spiritual and physical forces, without the rest allow. That is why, it is so important to know a biological rhythm of the soulmate which undoubtedly exists. The intimate proximity between the Man and the Woman, both on spiritual, and at the physical level, is, first of all, the highest Divine ritual of the bookmark base future life. From it - that also originates improvement not only a concrete family, but also society in general.