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Who was called Stierlitz in a skirt?

are on April 28 100 years since the birth of the Soviet writer Zoya Ivanovna Voskresenskaya (Rybkina) whom after an exit to the series " screen; Seventeen moments of spring friends christened Stierlitz in a " skirt;. And the general public learned the fact that Zoya Ivanovna was the colonel of KGB and the deputy of the resident of the Soviet investigation in the countries of Scandinavia much later, in the years of reorganization.

On her ceremonial single-breasted coat in beams of the tender May sun of the Order of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner, October Revolution, two awards of the Red Star, the medal " always shone; For services in battle and there are a lot of various medals.

One my acquaintance, having learned about it, only could also tell: To go crazy! Never would think! And unless, reading in the childhood of the book of Voskresenskaya and admiring heroes of movies Mother`s Heart Fidelity of mother we could guess what heroic biography at this master of the word?

But about everything one after another. Zoya was born on April 28, 1907 in the city of Aleksin in a family of the assistant to the chief of railway station. But in 1920 her father died of tuberculosis. The family was forced to free the state house, and they went to Smolensk where Zoiny mother had relatives. In 1921 - the girl becomes a librarian 42 - go battalion VChK of the Smolensk province and the fighter of CHON, and two years later - the political leader in a colony of juvenile offenders.

Life made abrupt turn in 1928 when the party sends it to Lubyanka where it is trained in knowledge of prospecting business: shadowing, appearances, passwords, codes. Two weeks coaching and the first business trip - to Harbin. And an important task - to force to return to the country of the ranking party worker who stole the huge sum of money and jerked together with a family to this Chinese city.

But this task. And on life she is the ordinary worker of oil syndicate who arrived to China together with mother and the little son. Both mother, and the son quite real - Zoya already managed to be married.

Operation on return to the Union of the plunderer of socialist property took place successfully. Zoya at first got acquainted with his wife and the daughter, and then three of them tried to persuade fugitive.

And return to Leningrad and work in foreign department of OGPU where Voskresenskaya supervises the countries of Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) is farther. And continuous business trips - to Germany (for the purpose of improvement of German), to Austria (for development of the Austrian dialect), to Switzerland.

It was only the beginning of her career. In 1935 Zoya is sent to Finland to a position of the head of the Soviet representation Inturizma in Helsinki. And hardly anyone, looking at this nice young woman, guessed that actually she is the deputy of the resident of the Soviet investigation.

In 1936 here, in Helsinki, direct the resident of Boris Arkadyevich Rybkin with whom at Zoya from the very beginning of the relation were not taken - they argued on each trifle. Voskresenskaya even sent to Moscow an encryption with a request to recall her from Finland. But in reply - got it hot supposedly it is necessary to do serious work, but not to grab on trifles.

Eh, destiny, destiny. At first Zoya with Boris were snatched, and in half a year understood that they cannot live without each other. The new encryption departed to Moscow - with a request to resolve their marriage.

Rybkin returned to Moscow before war from belofinna, in 1939, and Zoya becomes the leading analyst of the Soviet investigation. It female logic helped to open secrets which Hitlerites tried to keep dark preparation for the strashnoyvoyena.

And further it happened so that it was necessary to reestablish the torn-off communication with representatives German Red chapel . Boris Rybkin and his wife Zoya appeared in Stockholm. It - as the adviser of embassy and the resident, it - a press - the secretary of embassy and its deputy. And famous Aleksandra Kollontay who quickly found a common language from the subordinate was the ambassador at that time. This tandem was one of the most effective and obviously promoted that Finland (and Zoya supervised also this Scandinavian country), dropped out of the war much earlier, than the Berlin offensive operation began.

After a failure Red chapel one of whipping boys there was Boris Rybkin who not only was recalled from Germany, but also deprived of a rank and sent to the front. But even despite it, Voskresenskaya solved not to pull completely trusting it. Then charges from Rybkin were dismissed.

Work was very difficult and intense. But there was also an outlet. Being located abroad, Zoya constantly looked for contacts with people which worked together with Lenin, on grains collecting each episode. It is difficult to believe in it, but even in modern Sweden Lenin was not forgotten. During my stay in Stockholm, our guide, the Swede who is knowing Russian, telling about the well-known department store NK, highlighted: Exactly here Vladimir Ilyich bought a three-piece suit in which he spoke then at the III congress of RSDRP.

After the end of war spouses Rybkin for the first time after 12 years of continuous service received holiday. They have a rest week in Karlovy Vary. This our overdue honeymoon trip - joking, Zoya said to mother.

And right after this travel of the road of spouses dispersed. Unfortunately, forever. Their rest was interrupted by the urgent telegram. Boris left to Moscow on the car, and Zoya that night could not fall asleep, for some reason rolled sobbings on it. And in the morning she was told that Boris died in a road accident near Prague. However, Zoya never trusted in this version because the face and hands of the late husband were without bruises and grazes, but behind an ear the bullet opening blackened. Most likely, the colonel was moved away by the.

Zoya Voskresenskaya continued service and only in 1955 after worked two years in the Vorkuta camp for especially dangerous criminals, she was transferred to the reserve in a colonelcy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A year later it brought in " publishing house; Children`s literature the first book, about Komsomol members who wanted to battle in Spain. To print the book were afraid. And through two wrote the book Mother`s Heart made it well-known.

In ten years after that, in 1968, Zoya Voskresenskaya got the State award in the field of literature for children. But it lived and until when from libraries began to withdraw its books: and Consul and The Girl in the rough sea and even stories about birds.

However, she managed to be glad and to the fact that it, at last, declassified . Zoya Ivanovna started on the book - Now I can tell the truth . But she was not fated to see the last work in the printed look. She died in winter midday on January 8, 1992 in incomplete 85 years at the dacha situated near Moscow to Peredelkino. It is buried on Novodevichy Cemetery near mother and husband Boris Arkadyevich Rybkin

Once, having come to Lubyanka, she was surprised: Me in the intelligence agent? Yes I am still a little girl! . But, as we see, youth - not the most terrible defect. It is necessary to believe in himself, and then all will turn out!