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Why to the Japanese cows beer, massage and classical music?

Here such life at cows in Japan. Grow up them in villages on environmentally friendly pastures, feed them with vegetables and rice, feed a liquid sake and beer, daily do massage, suspend in hammocks and turn on them the classical music.

As a result the product under the name " turns out; marble " meat;.

it makes Cost about 500 dollars for kilogram, and at the correct preparation taste it will not leave indifferent even the most refined gourmets. This meat just melts in the mouth, taste its easy, juicy and surprisingly gentle. Having tried its first time, I understood what means expression the tongue can be lost .

It is impossible to disregard as well a way of its preparation. The Japanese restaurant trains him directly on your eyes. The show is really unforgettable. If the company big, then tables are built a semicircle, and at the head of a table the desktop plate with a big deep frying pan behind which there is a cook is put. Nearby fresh vegetables (a Chinese cabbage, leek, carrots, spinach, peas), champignons and tofu cheese lie in advance prepared (washed, cleaned and cut with cubes so that it was convenient to take sticks).

The cook cooks in a pan broth with spices, then all guests sticks take thinly cut wide pieces of marble meat (transparent by sight and having an almost inaudible smell of beer), dip a piece in broth literally for 1 second, then the same on the other hand, quickly dip this delicacy into a pan with crude egg and send to a mouth.

Then the cook places in broth vegetables which are served at the end of a meal in the form of a plate with soup.

If crude egg arouses at you mistrust, and you are afraid of it is, then will offer you the sauce which is specially made for this dish. Usually their two - sour and sweet.

Sour sauce is cooked, mixing orange or lemon juice with soy sauce and fish broth. Sweet sauce is done of sweet paste of sesame and polished fried sesame.

Respectively, you choose a sourish or sweetish shade on the discretion. If suddenly sauce seems bitterish, do not hesitate, the cook will add to you to a drinking bowl with sauce of a few sake which will soften taste. In this sauce also lower vegetables before cooking them in broth. Sauce can be used alternately, and to drink at the same time, of course, preferably sake. As a garnish will offer you the vegetables or fig.

which are already made in broth I Want to add also that you should not miss. Believe, the cook will have very good mood (it is one of secrets of preparation of a dish too), he will tell unceasingly you entertaining stories, to crack jokes and entertain you. It is quite possible that the cook will suggest you to get up on his place. You should not refuse. To feel the master very pleasantly.

If all of you decided to try this dish, then I will tell you that it is called SYaBU - SYaBU. Bon appetit!