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How to the student not to go crazy behind a school desk?

Are a certain type of students - no, not those companions who very quietly shirk on a half-semester, and even it is more, and at the same time manage to hold on in higher education institution to a last year, - and those which honestly stay in libraries plow Internet open spaces in search of the necessary information, try not to miss any lecture, without speaking about practical and seminars It is possible to continue indefinitely. Each of us met such individuals at institutes, or perhaps and itself would refer himself to such category. And in principle, botanists it is difficult to call these poor creatures. They are quite cheerful, sociable people, with a set of interests, but

Panic fear not to be in time! Not to hand over! And suddenly at that lecture will tell something to taka - about - about - e! And suddenly the teacher will remember me? And suddenly!. And suddenly!. But there are several simple rules which will allow to sigh more quietly and at the same time quality of training can even raise!

In - the first , answer yourself a question: why to you all this (in sense, the higher education) is necessary? Even if you find out that all - you need knowledge, then, believe, not on each couple visited by you this knowledge will present to you on a silver platter. Therefore for a start visit at least on time all lectures and practical, look narrowly at teachers, find out what their requirements what works should be handed over for successful receiving offset and so on consist in. It is also good to communicate on this subject to undergraduates.

Now when to you are set, so to speak, entry conditions it is possible to think over the plan of the actions competently. As it becomes clear, at some lectures the teacher does not carry out muster and, besides, what he tells, can just be read in the textbook of methodics. But is laboratory which are better for not passing because then it will be problematic to choose time for their individual studying.

In - the second , knowing that you, most likely, will not be able to visit some couples (for various reasons, here not considered), everything is better - to approach the teacher and in a delicate form to notify him in it. So you will show to it the respect (you do not hurry to throw into me tomatoes if do not agree with me, - eventually, for you the main thing to pass all tests and examinations no problem!) and, quite perhaps, the teacher will even treat all this with understanding. Here, however, a lot of things depend on as far as you are diplomatic.

In - the third - and for the student, perhaps, this the most difficult! - better weeks for two about test week (pay attention, I do not even speak - in a month!) to make the plan: what works should be made in what terms, when to whom to come to consultation and so on. Do not wave away! It is very important! It only seems that you have all in the head, and it is worth taking the handle and a notebook, it can turn out that not everything is as simple as you thought in the beginning. Though also other option - not everything so terribly and catastrophically is possible, and you quite all are in time.

One more rule - is better to go for offsets and examinations even if you are not ready. At least to learn, as everything occurs . And not to suffer this question, waiting for an official repeating an examination.

Perhaps my councils at the end of the academic year are also not too actual, but that to whom the following course, they is necessary, I think, will be useful. About! And still! Test week will begin - do not spread the record book from a bag, even knowing that, for example, today this teacher is absent . Sphere it whether you know, such lady that sometimes comes very unexpectedly. Also happens offensively that from - for ridiculous absent-mindedness leaves also suddenly!

I wish all good luck! Also it is not dependent on the training strategy chosen by you, think all - that any knowledge any experience - very valuable things. So study as the great leader bequeathed! Learn to study!