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How to save on gasoline? Technical aspect of

the Main technical council - support a good shape of yours iron horse . The increased fuel consumption and your money - the satellite of the majority of malfunctions of the engine and transmission.

Use of synthetic oils facilitates start of the engine and cuts fuel consumption. At the same time wear of the engine decreases. Be not frightened the high price of synthetics, penny-wise and pound-foolish. But also you should not chase the untwisted brands too. Payment of foreign advertizing companies has nothing in common with economy of your money.

Do not use gasoline at which the octane number is higher, than it is recommended the producer. is present No prize in it, but gas station will cost considerably dearer.

Do not use various additives in fuel including ethylated gasoline if only it is not recommended the producer. In due time ethyl (lead) was applied to improvement of characteristics of engines. But time passed, from - for big harm of ecology ethylated gasoline is not applied in modern engines. Moreover, if the catalyst is installed, use of ethylated gasoline will inevitably result in its malfunction.

You suppress the engine on parking and stops. Work idling does not bring any benefit to the engine. On the contrary, frequent work with the lowered loading can be the cause of malfunctions. And that gasoline is burned it is useless, I think it is not necessary to remind. Some motorists consider losses insignificant. By my calculations work idling and the overestimated single turns of the engine in the sum can raise an expense approximately for 10 - 15%. Only be not overzealous. Any launch of the engine is the increased wear of details. Therefore to suppress the car on the traffic light and stops lasting less than a minute nevertheless is not necessary.

If it is specially not recommended the producer, do not warm the engine idling . 20 - 30 seconds after start are quite enough to begin the smooth, slow movement on a low gear. In cold time by a similar method you warm not only the engine, but also running.

If in the summer you parked the car in a shadow , it will not overheat and fuel evaporation, especially gasoline will decrease. Besides, perhaps it is not necessary to turn on the conditioner.

Do not turn on the conditioner at full capacity. the Conditioner uses the energy received from motor fuel. After cooling of salon it it is better to switch off and be limited to ventilation.

Support optimum pressure in tires. the Inexpensive accumulator pump with the manometer will increase run of rubber and will reduce fuel consumption. If of course you do not forget to check pressure regularly. At least once in a week. At the same time you remember that from the point of view of economy of fuel, the elevated pressure is more preferable, than lowered.

Accustom themselves to go quietly and smoothly, without derganiye and unnecessary accelerations. the Main unproductive losses of fuel happen at the moments of braking and dispersals. You hold a distance, it will allow to press a brake less often. Approaching the traffic light, in advance dump speed. If before you red, more economically slowly to go, but not to wait for green, standing still.

Be not fond of speed. Resistance of air is proportional to a movement speed square. But when you increase speed twice, resistance of air increases by 4 times, and fuel consumption by its overcoming - in 8. More haste less speed. Our ancestors did not spend motor fuel, but the saying is right and now. Counting the schedule of a trip, try to provide the movement with minimum possible speed.

The movement by a setup allows to save fuel on neutral transfer. But in this case you lose an opportunity to apply braking by the engine, so, reduce efficiency of braking and traffic safety. Besides, wear of brake shoes increases. The movement by a setup on the highest transfer will be the safest and economic in modern cars , having just taken away a leg from the accelerator pedal.

Some experts advise to drive diesel cars. Disputable council. The economy on fuel of course is obvious. But you should not forget about higher price of the diesel car and expenses on servicing. Arm with the calculator, count the planned run and expenses. In due time such calculations inclined me to car with gas installation .

It is the cheapest way possible to go. Be convinced of it.