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Who needs teachers?

argued with one good acquaintance Recently. Conviction that vast majority of teachers are people - losers who did not manage to be realized better in life cut to the quick him. And so also sit at schools and higher education institutions, load pupils and students, and those, by the way, can get quite successfully the necessary knowledge independently. Well, of course, is so-called teachers from God . However it is a pity for them - vegetate on such unpromising, low-paid, not prestigious and, by and large, to nobody to the necessary work.

Really it is the truth? Clear business, question too disputable. Those from us who nursed in soul a long grievance on some school teacher can quite begin revenges all alike all other teachers. Say, break children`s mentality . Those who were disappointed in system of the higher education will prove that students are people adult, all also will study if it is necessary to them. And what teachers? Whether really their work is necessary to nobody?

I will try to consider the opposite point of view. I will just give several examples as its proof. If you have a desire to argue - with pleasure will listen to counterarguments! Eventually, the truth is born in dispute!

So, in what the teacher`s task? To awaken interest! To a subject, to life, to knowledge of. One of the main problems of the modern person - indifference, as a result of pragmatic approach to life. Time a little - we will spend it for what brings practical benefit. But we, seeing instant benefit, often we do not attach significance to other aspects of life. Present children constantly should prove that, for example, studying of physics even if in life it is not useful, will help to develop thinking and logic. And it is already the tool with which any task of a shoulder. It agrees, to be the ingenious teacher capable to each pupil it is impossible to find approach, probably. But even one grateful glance from thirty pairs of eyes in a class is, believe, it is a lot of!

One more moment. Now so information volumes grew that became important even not to teach something specifically, and to help correctly to be guided with this information stream. Others of the word - to teach to study . There are, certainly, children who all on the fly grab . But there is not a lot of them. School students even more often complain of overloads - a pier, each teacher thinks that his subject main. And among these teachers there are very talented teachers in love with the work and in the subject. Then that just they most of all break children? Just, with their thirty-year length of service, it is difficult to them to be adjusted for modern times, to get used to its new requirements. And, nevertheless, I will repeat, without teacher to learn to get the necessary knowledge especially to children, - it is very difficult.

Well, and finally, one more thought. It is worth to remember that each person is unique. What is good and convenient to one - at all does not suit another. There are people who understand new material better if do not just read the necessary book, but also will listen to someone who already understood it. There are those who plainly do not know that he should look for and therefore too needs the hint from the teacher. I am silent about such factor that (forgive for a boring syllable!) the school carries out also the educational " function;. In other words, often we treat the teacher as to mother, the father, the friend, his opinion is not just important for us, we very much value it! Especially, if to consider that modern parents, in cares of welfare and prosperity, seldom see and communicate with the children. Also this simple conversation often so is not enough!

Of course, it is difficult to put the end to this question. The only thing, there is a wish to tell that the role of the teacher, perhaps, changed presently, in comparison with the past a little, but from it did not become less. More likely, on the contrary, responsibility of the teacher even increased! Why? I think, everyone will find the answer to this question And yes now continues to teach those who once learned me, I will tell simply - THANKS !