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Who, where and when celebrates the Day of the father?

this year for May 17 in Germany are necessary Day of the father. Legislatively it is entered in the country in 1936. Earlier this day men gathered the companies on so-called bachelor party also left on the nature. Active recreation enjoyed special popularity: foot and bicycle walks, sporting events and, of course, a favourite sit-round gathering behind a glass of beer At the moment this day began more family holiday when both mothers, and the father, and kids gather all to have a rest in the fresh air and to celebrate the Day of the father.

In the USA and Canada Day of the father is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The idea to present a similar holiday to all fathers in 1909 visited Mrs. Dodd from Washington during the church service devoted to the Mother`s Day. She thought that after death of mother her father William Jackson Smart one brought up six children. She wanted to express gratitude to the careful daddy, and in his face to all careful men of America who participate in education of children.

Sonora addressed local authorities with the offer to found Day of the father. The authorities supported this idea and promised to arrange festivals on June 5 - at birthday of William Smart. But there was not enough time for preparation, and the holiday was postponed for June 19. As a result the first time the Day of the father in Washington was celebrated on June 19, 1910. In 56 years the president Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday of June a national holiday. And only in 1972 the president Nixon officially legalized Day of fathers.

Thus, this lovely Day of all fathers appeared as expression of love and gratitude which the loving daughter devoted to the father. On this occasion by tradition pin red roses to clothes if the father is living, and carry white - if died. And during annual celebrations the state and simple citizens hurry to give support to fathers with the low income which one raise children.

In Finland there is also a Day of the father. This day hang out flags there, children prepare by the hands gifts for fathers, and careful keepers of the center serve festive dinner, bake cake or pies. Besides fathers congratulate also grandfathers. And this day people try to remember all close men who are already dead. As a keepsake on graves candles are lit.

Day of the father is also in Estonia. Since 1992 he is marked out on the second Sunday of November. Special events about it get a job in kindergartens and schools: morning performances and concerts. Children give to fathers the self-made cards and gifts (which are cut out from color paper ties or cars, and also drawings).

It is remarkable that my native land, the Volgograd region, became one of the first regions of Russia where the new holiday - Day of the father appeared. If the Mother`s Day existed for a long time and in many countries, then nobody celebrated Day of the father in Russia. The initiative to found a similar holiday was put forward in due time by the Volgograd offices of public organizations: The All-Russian women`s union - Hope of Russia Russian children`s fund Union of women and Civic chamber of the region.

A year ago the corresponding resolution was adopted by the governor of the region Nikolay Maksyuta according to whom annually on November 1 all inhabitants of Volgograd began to celebrate the Day of the father. The offer to choose this date for the first time was heard at one of meetings of regional council by the rights of the child. On November 1 already several last years are celebrated as the World man`s day which was thought up in office of the UN in Vienna with the assistance of the former president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

In spite of the fact that the new holiday in scales of the Volgograd region appeared not so long ago, inhabitants of the region already managed to feel it. The fathers raising children alone received a lump sum in a size of 1,5 thousand rubles. And such incomplete families where fathers raise children without mothers, in our area more than 900! Besides, last Sunday of November in Russia several years celebrate a Mother`s Day and the child. Therefore for the Volgograd region all November became month of a family now.

In spite of the fact that dates of celebration of Day of the father in the different countries differ, his essence remains invariable. In any corner of the globe the holiday is urged to remind of a family role, and also of those values which in it are put.

Let this May day officially the holiday is celebrated not in our country, and in Germany, it is optional to wait for a certain date at all. It is possible to make a declaration of love and gratitude to the fathers and grandfathers absolutely in any day, the main thing - not to delay this remarkable moment for later . Protect the families, friends, and let they will always be full and happy!