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How it is correct to pull out eyebrows?

What part of the face are considered the most expressive? Of course, eyes, - many will answer. But if to reflect, then expression of our person, balance give it not so much eyes, how many their natural frame, namely eyebrows. Not well-groomed or, on the contrary too carefully, in a strip the pulled-out eyebrows often draw attention to themselves and spoil general impression from appearance. For this reason eyebrows need both special leaving, and careful tracking their form.

To correct the easiest way both a form, and color of eyebrows, is to address to salon to the expert. The salon can carry out the following procedures for correction of eyebrows:

depilation (removal of excess hairs);

coloring of hairs;

permanent make-up (permanent make-up) of eyebrows.

After to you will make eyebrows, you will be able to look after them - to periodically pull out the grown hairs and if necessary to tint by means of decorative cosmetics.

However at desire you can also correct the eyebrows in house conditions, and I will try to help you with it.

Preparation for

to put your eyebrows in order, to you will be necessary:

big mirror


disinfecting lotion

the Big mirror is required to you, in - the first to release hands, in - the second that you could see both eyes at the same time.

Lighting has to be bright, it is desirable to do correction at a daylight.

Carefully wash up hands. Clean a face and eyebrows, wipe them with disinfecting lotion. Process spirit solution tweezers. It is often possible to hear the recommendation to smear area of eyebrows with cream, but I do not advise it since eyebrows can slide, badly be taken, and procedure will be more painful and less effective.

We pull out eyebrows

of the Technician of plucking out of eyebrows is simple, but also there are several secrets. A hair needs to be taken as it is possible closer to a root, a free hand to pull skin and the sharp movement to pull out. Try to take only one hair, you do not hurry. For anesthesia it is possible to use or hot compresses (they expand a time, and the hair is easier pulled out), or, on the contrary, to process an eyebrow zone an ice piece (the cold is a good way of anesthesia).

We create a form . Classical ideal eyebrows are constructed taking into account three lines drawn through each half of the face. To define where your eyebrows have to begin, come to an end and have a point of the maximum bend, it is necessary to draw these lines on the face. It can be made by means of a pencil. Apply a pencil to the person so that it passed through the points described below, and note its crossing with the line of your eyebrow.

The first line is carried out from a nose wing to an eyebrow and passes through an internal corner of an eye. In a point of intersection of this line with your eyebrow it is necessary to prolong it vertically up. You receive the line of the beginning of an eyebrow. All hairs which go beyond this line towards a nose bridge are superfluous and are subject to removal.

The second line also begins from a nose wing, but passes already through an external corner of an eye. A point of intersection of this line with an eyebrow - a point of the termination of your eyebrow. If outside there were hairs, they need also to be removed. If your natural eyebrow of a korotkovat is also not at this end of the resources, then you need to consider it in the make-up.

The third line passes too much eye raduzhka when you look directly. It begins, as well as all others, from a nose wing, and the point of its crossing with an eyebrow is the place of the greatest bend, and also the highest point of your eyebrow.

Having depilated superfluous on the right and to the left of control points, remove excess hairs on an eyebrow bottom, having created the necessary bend and having given them the final form.

Be not fond strongly of plucking out of eyebrows even if you consider that they very wide and dense. Pull out several hairs on one eyebrow and make the same on another, otherwise you risk to receive eyebrows not so similar at each other. Look in a mirror. Eyebrows have to be symmetric. It is good if you are able to look at yourself through 2 mirrors i.e. as others see you, but not as you got used to see yourself in a mirror. Then you will be able to correct more precisely height and thickness of eyebrows if you have a natural asymmetry. Take a break, look in a mirror once again and if there is a need, continue procedure. After finish, again process area of eyebrows lotion. Now they can and be smeared with cream, and it is better - gel, for example, with an aloe.

Do not forget that the turned-out shape needs to be kept, regularly pulling out the grown hairs. Perhaps, time in several months you should visit salon that the expert leveled a shape of your eyebrows and it was simpler to you to look after them.