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How it is necessary to sleep to sleep?

As it is necessary to sleep to get enough sleep?

The opinion is wrong that it is only necessary to sleep when you feel fatigue. Going to bed in the oppressed and exhausted state, you will hardly quickly fall asleep and to feel cheerfulness and inflow of forces after a dream, many procedures, in the form of coffee, a shower and power engineering specialists will be required.

Preparation for a dream

That the dream was pleasant and quiet, it is necessary to be prepared for it properly. And it is important not how many and as!

First of all matters degree of your fatigue and the stress which collected in a day. If you just got tired from a monotonous and laborious work, then follows you to be stirred up to walk, change scenery. Whenever possible, before rest take a shower and change clothes (exclude synthetics!) the body will already begin to have a rest.

If you strongly were tired, then do not torment yourself with entertainments which will only aggravate your state. Go home, take a warm shower, and before going to bed drink soothing grass collecting or hot rather weak tea. And any fighters and horror films at this time of night!

What is the time on a dream by

since a pioneer camp to me remembered one council: it is necessary to sleep, sleep an odd number of hours. Also the state cheerfully is easier to wake up. This knowledge repeatedly rescued me during sessions. The reason consists in alternation of stages of a dream. However, I do not understand then why doctors recommend to sleep 8 hours, but not 7 or 9?!

Breath and relaxation We approached

the most important: ability properly will help to relax and breathe to you all in 15 - 20 minutes to be restored at strong fatigue! This, by itself, does not exclude a dream, but distracts from gloomy thoughts and promotes quiet falling asleep. It is possible to turn on the weakening music though, it is better to do without external irritants.

If at you, really, only 15 minutes on rest, in that case look at the watch and give yourself installation that in 15 minutes you should rise. Present, what is the time have to show hours when you open eyes and inside at you the timer has to turn on (it will demand some training). It is better to refuse an alarm clock, it will work unexpectedly and will cause a stress.

About practice of breath is much written: it has to be equal, deep. Remember how you breathe during the dream. It is very desirable to have a rest / sleep in well aired room or with an open window leaf.

Position of a body: lying on a back, hands along a body palms up, legs on small rise, it is better not to put the head on a pillow.

Gradually, without forgetting it is correct to breathe, feel the body (if necessary move all parts of a body to involve all muscles). And then relax. It is allowed to think only of own feelings. Concentrate on heat which from a stomach a wave spreads on a body. And at last, try to cease to feel the body absolutely. Tranquility and breath.

In such state the organism will very quickly be mobilized and will have a rest!