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What is literary criticism? Presently nobody can tell

to what the criticism - belongs to creativity, to science or it unites both, and it turns out from this such here " fruit; with prickles.

Opinions of scientists were about it shared, and the criticism exists and develops.

Are defined also addressees of criticism - those who feel taste of fruit which always different - it can be both bitter, and sweet is (much more rare).

1. It is turned to modern, current cultural process.

2. To works which hardly appeared and nobody knows about them, except the author and the critic.

3. To the educated reader, bearing in itself the publicistic beginning.

If you decide to taste criticism, to get to the core of it, then it is necessary to be prepared for this difficult meal thoroughly. we Begin to train for

5 P :

Forestalling - the choice of an initial position, definition of the principles of the analysis, that is, we begin to undress fruit. Accurately, slowly, enjoying process.

Approach - consideration of cultural object of criticism from all directions - definition of external relations. Search of information occasion in this or that work (ladies` novels and other reading matter of leisure do not approach - they have external relations only with a book shelf or that is even more large-scale - a counter).

Penetration - disclosure of sense and value of internal communications, structural elements (present that you should separate fruit from a stone).

Comprehension of dynamics - sense of functioning of the cultural phenomenon if it functions, of course, but not costs on a book counter.

Understanding of an essence - the most tasty - synthesis of results.

If it wants also to have a snack to you, then you can read Lomonosov M. works. In - About the journalist`s duties and Karamzina N. M - What is necessary for the author

So to you not only will easier send to the critic to someone`s address, but also to understand in what criticize you!

How about a dessert?

Most objectively to perceive a subject of the analysis through a prism of world outlook installations - it will orient you on these or those art directions, currents. This

world outlook a stage gives vision of object the general plan in a wide context.

As to wish success in criticism to you, dear readers, I cannot, I will prefer to wish creative victories and inspiration - and there it will be already visible to what your critique - will be closer to creativity or to science.