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What has to be underwear for pregnant women? Two centuries ago Honore de Balzac told

: Everything comes in due time - for those who are able to wait! Certainly, it is difficult For the ladies who are in the family way, it. Though not less important problem is a care of itself favourite.

Cannot be forgotten that you were and you remain the Woman: as during pregnancy, and later. You have to feel comfortable, doing usual household chores or on walk, reading books or during a midday dream. And at the same time should not concern you at all that somewhere here weakened, there sagged . Qualitative underwear will remove from you literally a half of experiences.

One old wise boatswain spoke: The Pregnant woman is similar to the submarine: when below everything is quiet and comfortable then above - it is joyful!

depends Only on you as far as you will take care of the body and, respectively, you will feel this invisible support from below . The linen gives to the woman`s body the necessary form and supports him in a tone, weakens the clamped muscles and gives confidence in each step.

The linen for pregnant women has to be:

1. Beautiful and stylish. And that over linen - too. I remember when I studied at school, our art teacher gathered in the decree. But till last month nobody guessed it as the lady on life was harmonous, and here just passed to dresses and - la baby - doll . And as it could combine various scarves and palatines, capes and tapes on most dangerous places! Study this art, and then talk that the pregnant woman is similar to a clumsy duck, really, will become the pathetic orthodox!

2. Breathing, safe and strong. be not too lazy to look on summary labels on carrying, an ironing, washing of model. Apply fabric to a body - feel as far as to you this touch is pleasant. There is more: the firm respecting itself - the manufacturer will surely write on a thing warm, inspiring comments in the spirit of we made it especially for you, with love! .

3. Accepted at the price. But do not save on yourself at all! Later, if you - from akkuratistka, then are able to present this thing, to sell, lease to the best friend, to alter etc.

4. Even erotic! And it is quite real at today`s range. Examples of husbands who are madly inspired by a type of the pregnant woman, in a special way sexual, wives are frequent. Enter this number of lucky women!

5. And the main thing - convenient! That wanted to put on it itself, not to notice socks in process and at the same time to smile to world around.

So. Find a complete set of qualitative linen for pregnant women from well-known company. Or take several multipurpose things calculated both on dorodovy and for the postnatal period. The dragging-away and supporting bandages, bras with removable lyamochka and replaceable cups for feeding of the baby which are correcting and dragging away tights - not only your composure now, but also health of your kid in the future depends on these things.

To be mother - special gift! It is the life filled with wisdom and love, beauty and greatness, good and generosity.

you Love your kid already now.

you Love the relatives caring for yours health and comfort.

you Love yourself waiting for a big miracle.

I you love the fine body which demands constant, soft and gentle care.