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What is fine nearby

In any business are necessary knowledge and that on a surface sometimes it seems simply, actually turns around in laborious, continuous work, yielding fruits through quite long period. I had to be convinced of it once again under the following circumstances.

Sometimes it seems that providence pushes, pays repeatedly your attention to absolutely prosy things. For me it were saintpaulias, family gesneriyevy, or just violets. The thought which visited me with this object of attention I admit, was commercial.

Ridiculously to remember, but the first landings by shanks were after mowing all violets at friends, from window sills at work and where it is necessary. There was a November. What can be more unattractive for a cherenkovaniye of the thin device: plants! What grade, what color - were not in time or did not guess to consider. But the first stream of enthusiasm passed, the real thought of knowledge of cultivation of saintpaulias, of practice of the famous collectors came in a month.

The " shop became school of studying of cultivation of violets, understanding of high-quality selections domestic and foreign; House of the Violet . Constant exhibitions gave the chance to laboriously select qualitative material. Though it is necessary to tell what at variety of grades difficultly not only to choose, and even to remember that you saw. Therefore the review of an exhibition had to be repeated repeatedly.

From an exhibition to an exhibition taste on selection selection, ability to form soil for violets began to appear. Accurate search began: what color, a grade, the selector and from what collection the plant is necessary. Got literature on cultivation of violets. The " magazine was pleasant; African violet - it is a lot of interesting articles of collectors, news from the world of violets.

Progress inspired. Strong children of violets, first shy flowers, unusual grades. There were positive responses of acquaintances. Small victories pleased. But it was enough losses.

In a year blossomed the first violets, beautifully, magnificently. But generally I presented them to relatives and acquaintances. Violets were beautiful, but without name, without name of a name of the selector. And there was already a wish to imitate true professionals, to have the catalog.

Except other became interested in other plants of family gesneriyevy, i.e. relatives of violets. And very much even interesting relatives who were pleasant to me. Especially I will allocate ampelous violets (trailers). If the violet is queen families: loves special attention, leaving, whimsical loneliness, relatives - trailers are cheerful, amicable handicraftsmen and how it was difficult, will always please with a scattering of cheerful flowers.

It was succeeded to take part at an exhibition of violets at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, but a framework of regulations of organizers of an exhibition, small popularity of trailers, impossibility to be present constantly at an exhibition with advertizing of the wards, made impossible continuous participation in exhibition process.

Now in my collection there are a little violets and trailers. But our love and understanding to each other grows, helps me to see fine every day, and to violets to open possibilities of fine. It is pleasant when from a leaflet - a shank you can grow up the beauty - a saintpaulia. Life of these window plants has a lot of similar to the human life periods: children, teenagers, adult sockets. The first flowers of violets - teenagers are as the first love: shy and unique. Blossoming of adult violets is similar to violent spring waters. It is necessary to see it.

My action did not make profit, but I am not sorry. To me the small, interesting world of houseplants of family gesneriyevy opened, saintpaulias - became my kind friends. Everyone can find

for itself(himself) hobby in the world of the Nature, and you will not be lonely.