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Why we play a scam?

the Gaming - one of the most profitable legal affairs. At initial costs of the license, gaming machines and the room, he practically does not demand the subsequent capital investments. Further - pay taxes, receive money. Profitability of such activity reaches transcendental percent.

Gaming - it is very extensive and interesting, for detailed research, a subject.

The most important acting person, certainly, is the player. It costs in the basis of the pyramid called in common people scam .

Probably, each of us heard terrifying stories on the TV, or from acquaintances, about quite successful people who fell below a border, thanking to game on money. So forces the person to play on automatic machines, a casino, on the street? On it there is a set of both the subjective, and objective reasons. Let`s try to consider some of them.

In each of us there lives a player, we are given simply birth with this vein. It can be shown differently, whether it be game in a roulette, a flirtation with death, or competition to the neighbor who will dig out more potato. Thirst of the person for competitive process was very widely used at the time of the USSR. Remember numerous socialist competitions and infinite five-years periods to unreal tasks. For a victory in such races awarded with awards and medals, and the fruits of these works were reaped absolutely by other people.

So, it is necessary to find out how it is possible to awaken desire to play, without having chances of a victory.

Of course, heart of any business advertizing is. There is a set of ways of influence on consciousness of the person. On the street - this banal zazyvaniye potential clients various intricate rhymes, or distribution of colourful lottery tickets. In playing halls and a casino is a bright external advertizing which is poured by a set of flowers. Near an entrance of some of them the plate with played Jack - hangs then. It is also necessary to note interesting reception which is realized on street monetary automatic machines. Whether you sometime paid attention how coins in a steel box loudly fall? Even when the prize is small, there is such impression that at us in the country on one millionaire became more.

One more psychological feature of the person is an aspiration to fast enrichment. Many, in hope to become in a flash rich men, for many years buy lottery tickets. Really, to be fair, it should be noted that the probability to guess 6 of 36 exists, but it is very close to zero.

The following factor - desire to show off. Present: I come into a casino in a smart suit from Armani, slowly I sit down near a roulette, I order free cognac and with an indifferent look, handfuls I throw multi-colored counters on a velvet table beauty. And lost couple of thousands is nothing in comparison with the had effect. I once read that the English gentlemen trained at home in front of the mirror to drop the eye-glasses in soup, expressing thereby sincere surprise. A gallery play, a facade, it is inherent in all of us, to a greater or lesser extent.

There is one more human weakness which is the strong weapon in skillful hands. It is, of course, hope for the better life. In the most difficult life situations it conducts us forward, but sometimes and pushes in an abyss. There is always a wish to believe that the ball is under that thimble where it was put.

The deception is more grandiose, the it is simpler to present it for truth. If to lie on a trifle, then nobody will believe you if to promise Jack - sweat for the sum of 3 million dollars then it is possible to deceive the whole nation.

Each of us played sometime on interest . No matter, there were it candy wrappers from chewing gums, or rates in bookmaker office on the final of the FIFA World Cup. Always the adrenaline level raising in blood is in that case felt. Sometimes, like drug addiction, there is a psychological requirement to feel a certain spirit. Sometimes it is not easier to get rid of it, than, for example, of alcoholism.

Also very fine works so-called gregarious instinct . When constantly you communicate in the company where all gamble, it is difficult to refuse temptation to try at least once. And then all depends at most will and character if for the first time it was succeeded to win. In general, when you feel on the roll, it is difficult to keep sober mind and the cold head.

All people have dreams, desires, requirements, the history of formation of the personality, formation of consciousness. Each of us itself makes the choice as to it to live life where there will be a place and for passion. To realize the main thing that you are not a zombie, and the person capable it is adequate to assess a situation.

P. S. In the warranty card of the slot machine it is written: Your client will never win .