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How many money for happiness is necessary and whether money is necessary for happiness?

Probably, you had to hear from friends, relatives, acquaintances of a wish of the " type more than once; Well, happiness and health and you! More money! Progress! It is a lot of money! Ocean of love and gold mountains! or more neutral - Wellbeing to you! . And every day our life is already filled with aspiration to an earning and an earning Or - to getting and getting No, well, naturally, every minute you do not think of it, but when the pay day comes nearer, the mood all - increases, and it seems, happiness in life became a little more.

Hardly anyone - that will agree that money is the purpose of his or her life. However whether we deceive ourselves - it is good to live, and it is good to live - even better ?

The American researchers very much love this subject and with enviable constancy publish data on how material prosperity influences satisfaction with life. In the USA there was rather popular a theory about materialists and idealists . Its essence is reduced to the fact that accurate communication between an income level and feeling of happy (happy) does not exist. But there is a communication meanwhile what purposes are set by the person in life and his (her) satisfaction with life.

Materialists are anxious first of all with achievement of a certain welfare. And while their income begins to meet their expectations of wealth, they feel as happy people. What idealists - a question more difficult which the American scientists answer foggy are anxious with: not money . However these not monetary cares help idealists as if to soar over the world and it is optimistical to look from above at the ordinary materialists spending the time for break-in of the next one million.

Materialists are people much less happy, than idealists, the American scientists consider. Having made the purpose of the life to have lot of money they not only suffer from time of the insufficient size of this heaps but also turn money into means of improvement of the relations with people around. However it does not guarantee happiness - by results of researches, materialists more konfliktna also treat people and the relations also, as well as things, considering that everything is on sale and bought.

What a difference idealists - and monetary failures perceive easier, and the relations with people around do not turn into the market, and live longer. Money is - perfectly, is not present - too not badly, we will live as - nibud, we will think up something. By the way in the Russian cinema there are many examples of such heroes - rich men - idealists. For example, movie Everything will be good Dmitry Astrakhan. Here what is advised by Alexander Zbruyev`s character, the rich emigrant from Russia, to one poor fellow who suddenly broke a cheerful feast the personal tragedy - stole favourite and expensive raincoat: The Man, I you will teach that should be done. You raise a hand. And then sharply lower and tell: Well and horse-radish with it with a raincoat!

The main conclusion of this theory is that to be rich and it is necessary to remain happy not too to go in cycles on money. Researchers declare: the increase of welfare (Americans) which happened in four last decades not a jot did not increase (their) subjective feeling of content life .

And all - - idealists, materialists are there, in America And what about it think in Russia? More precisely in the RuNet

the Subject money and happiness maybe, is also not a popularity hit here, but at different forums it rises and discussed quite vividly. At the same time versions of answers wander from a forum in a forum. And here at the same time what classification of opinions turns out:

1) It is necessary to me much, very much - there are a lot of money. Options: the more the better though for ruble, but it is more, than at all money does not happen " much; money - all this it is better to cry in a limousine, than in the " bus; money is happiness, big money is paradise on the earth .

2) I need the concrete sum. And further the figure follows, beginning from 500 rubles, finishing with some inexplicable number with unit ahead and a huge number of zero - so it is unclear, whether all this is the concrete sum, whether simply " key; 0 jammed.

3) Money is necessary to me only for satisfaction of requirements. And as money promotes satisfaction of these requirements, therefore, and happiness adds. It is one of the most often stated judgments - golden mean opinions. There is a lot of options: money expands your opportunities the one who has enough money is happy, but not that at whom is a lot of them it is necessary to live on requirements . Also transfer of specific needs on which money is necessary meets. What steadily takes away discussion to the sphere of distinction at people of these requirements - it is necessary to someone more, someone has less.

4) Me money of happiness does not add. Too rather widespread judgment. Options: not in money happiness people just save and wait that when a certain sum collects, at them and life will begin. And what by this moment will already live it once - try not to think. Money well when they are not enough and when there is a lot of them, especially earned not by the work, they begin to weaken it is good when there is money, but if they are absent - too anything terrible .

5) Only healthy people can argue on money and happiness. And even more precisely Schopenhauer told about it: The Healthy beggar is happier than the sick king . This opinion met in various interpretations which sense is as follows: health is happiness and if it is absent - will give any money, and it is unknown with what result.

6) Happiness - in lack of money. Options of judgments: money is a sediment money is the evil Personally they are not necessary to me. Offer me money - I will refuse .

Question How many money is necessary for happiness perhaps, already became eternal . Every time when someone sets it, many opinions are expressed. And every time dispersion of these opinions is somewhere between two poles - the answers which turned into sayings not in money happiness and not in money happiness, and in their quantity .

It is good when money does not bring problems in our life and feeling of happiness does not depend on them. It is good when money solves difficulties and adds new features. And it is good when the person himself can solve, he needs money for happiness or not. Let and will be at you - a freedom of choice, happiness and money - it is so much how many it is necessary!