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How to grow up an ideal cat?

Each cat possess the unique character, and is quite difficult to correct her behavior. Initially it is an animal with the instincts and habits. How it is correct to care for a cat that also to her it was comfortable in the house, and it gave you joy?

Ideal health.

it is the best of all for b to separate a kitten from mother at the age of 3 - 4 months. Keep in mind that long-haired cats develop more slowly and them, perhaps, it is necessary to take away from mother a bit later. Underbred kittens can be taken absolutely small as soon as they learn to eat firm food. For kittens attentive leaving and annual consultation is required from the veterinarian. It is very important that kittens were completely imparted from infectious diseases. Usually vaccination is carried out at the age of 12 weeks. If your kitten walks down the street, he should do additional vaccination and to take preventive measures against fleas.

To the majority of cats the constant attention to health, except for regular wiping of ears and eyes is not required. Some experts recommend long-haired cats to wash at least once in a month, and short-haired - time in 3 - 4 months, but usually healthy cat washes (and the patient cannot be bathed!) and if you do not prepare a cat for an exhibition, it is possible to do without washing. Special care of wool is required only to long-haired cats, they need to be combed out regularly.

Ideal food.

health and longevity of your cat depends On food. You should not feed cats with human food, at the wrong selection of a diet health of a cat can worsen. Forages are divided into two look: dry and tinned, it is better to combine in food of sterns of the same producer in the ratio 80% of dry and 20% tinned. Separate conversation - selection of a forage, at each cat the taste. Forages a premium - a class are selected on age, activity and breed. Now in the Russian market there were many western forages - the additives clearing a stomach and teeth. It is not necessary to change forage brand if the animal feels well. Additional vitamins are not necessary to a cat too if she receives the balanced quality food, and can sometimes even be harmful.

Ideal behavior in the house.

In five months at kittens milk teeth usually change. It can be followed by painful feelings - usually speak teeth itch . Buy a kitten more kusatelny toys and then he should not bite you.

At education of a kitten it is necessary to accustom him to the forbidding word at once - it is admissible, it is impossible . The kitten connects your reaction with the acts and tries not to allow your discontent more.

As a last resort it is possible to apply water " procedures;. Everything is very simple: at the moment crimes the strong stream of water - from the water gun, the syringe or a spray goes to a cat. It stuns a cat and relieves her of an addiction. Plus water " procedures; - they do not injure a cat at all, besides the owner obviously does not participate in punishment.

It is rather difficult to accustom a little kitten to a toilet, especially if there is no mother - a cat who can set an example. If the kid made a puddle on a floor, dip in it a small piece of paper and put it in a tray. Land a kitten in toilet every time when seems to you that it is required to it. If he chose to himself a certain place for the affairs, put a tray nearby and when the cat acquires his appointment, gradually (so that he did not lose a tray) move to the place, convenient for you. There are also special " sprays; Anti-reptiles (to them splash where the kitten should not go to a toilet) and My place (to them process a tray).

Change of a filler, the maintenance of a toilet in insufficient purity or sharp shift of a tray from one place in another can become a cause of failure of a kitten from a toilet. Any filler beats off a smell and to use it much more conveniently, than sand and pieces of paper. Komkuyushchiysya the filler forms the stuck together lumps, it is convenient to take out them from a tray, without changing contents entirely.

Sharpening of claws and a scratching - the natural behavior of a cat, is bad only if it does it on your furniture. The easiest way to avoid they are to buy a kogtetochka - a column. It is better if it is high (about 1 m). And every time when your cat puts pads on a new sofa, rearrange them on a kogtetochka and within several days he will understand that want from it. There are cats who sharpen claws about wall-paper - in this case buy your favourite a wall kogtetochka. The cat will not refuse a personal sports complex, it is good if it consists of several tiers and will be rather high. Take care of a berth of a cat - it has to be in the secluded warm place. It is better to buy a ready lodge.

Many houseplants are poisonous, cats usually try them in small quantities therefore poisonings happen quite seldom. That not to allow it, put a dried peel of a lemon or orange in each pot. Many cats do not love a smell of a citrus and garlic - it can become your secret weapon. It is good to buy a special grass for cats (is on sale in pet-shops).

Also you remember - better not to take an adult cat - she already created habits and to you will be difficult to accustom her to live in your opinion.

The cat usually shows discontent with a new situation, the unusual noise compelled by loneliness, an inattention to it or on the contrary, the increased capacity of love of children and many other, forgetting where there is its toilet. In this case it is useless it to abuse, and to beat cats in general inadmissibly. For removal of an animal from a stress it is necessary to establish, first of all, with it the confidential relations and to exclude, whenever possible, the reasons which led to violation of the correct behavior.