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How to cook a fish soup?

the Real fishermen cook a fish soup not as housewives.

Fish soup fishing.

we Divide a catch into two parts: in one - large fish, in another - small. (Ruffs, okunk) we cook a trifle drawn, but not cleared, on slow fire about an hour. The scales give to fish soup a gain and taste. Then we filter broth through a gauze and at once we clarify, having lowered in it protein of fresh egg. When broth settles, we merge it and we lower in it pieces of the large fish (who is washed up and cleared), cut on the part a bulb, small iskroshenny segment of garlic which is a little largely cut some potato, pepper, salt. We add a little boiled water and we cook on slow fire of 20 - 25 minutes. At the end of cooking we put three bay leaves. We cook a fish soup of closed and we do not allow to run too much. Having removed from fire, we put a slice of a lemon or fennel. Such fish soup and when cools down, is very good on taste!

Fish soup simple.

Fish soup can cook from different fish. At first it is necessary to boil water, to cook in it potatoes and a small amount of grain - rice, millet; to put potatoes cut by pieces at the rate of 50 - 100 gr, and grain no more teaspoon on water liter, otherwise fish soup will be very dense and tasteless.

Fish for fish soup it is necessary to clear properly of scales, to cut off prickles on fins, to draw interiors and to cut out gills. Large fish needs to be cut on pieces and to put in the portions, without overflowing ware. Then fish soup is salted, filled with onions, bay leaf and other spices. The cooked fish can be determined by appearance: meat gets it dairy - white color and inflates; crystalline lenses of eyes grow white, become firm and drop out. As soon as fish cooks, it can be taken out.

Fish soup burlatsky.

From small fish, the fish heads, bones and swimming bubbles to cook broth, to filter, put in it potatoes and onions peeled and cut by large pieces. In 10 - 15 minutes prior to readiness to add the cut pieces of large fish, pepper, bay leaf, butter. Expense of products: fish small - 300 gr, fish large - 250 gr, potatoes - 450 gr, butter - 20 gr, onion - 1 head, pepper - 4 - 6 peas.

River fish fish soup.

to put In the added some salt boiled water largely cut potatoes, the heads and tails of fishes, small cut onions, carrots, parsley and to cook at weak boiling about 20 minutes. To remove foam (it is possible to filter), to put bay leaf and pepper, to boil 5 more minutes, to add the fish cut by large pieces and to cook 15 - 20 minutes. By the end of cooking to dosolit, pour greens and to allow to be drawn within 10 minutes. On 1,5 kg of fish: 1,7 l of water, 2 bulbs, 1 carrot, 1 parsley with greens, 2 potatoes, 1 tablespoon of fennel, 3 bay leaves, 8 peas of black pepper, 2 teaspoons of salt.

Fish soup amateur. Take

live ruffs in such quantity that they took the place in a kettle on a third of its volume. Fish is washed, then take out from water and left on air until falls asleep. Then it is put in a kettle again, add onions, bay leaf and bell pepper. Pour water almost full kettle and hang up it over big fire. When water begins to boil, it is salted and put pieces of large fish and several leaflets of a sorrel or a little lemon. Allow fish soup to prokipet still. Ruffs will boil soft, but fish soup will be very tasty.

Fish soup on threads .

it is prepared from fish on kettle depth. The cleaned and washed up fish with the cut-off fins, with the strong thread passed under branchiate covers is suspended to sticks and lowered in a kettle with the boiling water. Sticks stack on kettle sides. Usually place 10 - 12 fishes in a kettle. In water lower additives and spices, usual for fish soup. When fish cooks, meat disappears from bones which remain to hang on threads.

Fish soup transparent. the Cleaned trifle (the fish heads, ruffs, okunk) to fill in

with water and it is good to boil 20 - 30 minutes then to cool and filter through a gauze. In the fish soup which cooled down to 30 - 35 degrees lower couple of egg whites. All dregs will accumulate on a bottom, liquid becomes absolutely transparent. After that broth is poured in a kettle, put in it salt, pepper, bay leaf and put on fire. In the begun to boil broth lower the prepared large fish and cook to readiness (10 - 15 minutes) then enclose fennel. Fish soup turns out exclusively fragrant, tasty and as a tear, transparent.

Fish soup fishing double.

Cook it from gutted small fish with remote gills. Fish carefully to wash out

in flowing water and to cook in boiled water of 20 minutes, deleting foam. Broth to filter and weld in it the second portion of small fish. Again to filter broth, to add pearl barley, potatoes, onions and to cook to semi-readiness of grain. To salt, put spices, to bring to boiling and to put the large fish cut by pieces. In 10 minutes of an ear it is ready.

And I spotted this recipe at Andrey Makarevich a few years ago. For it I did not think up the name yet, I leave it to culinary specialists! In my opinion, such recipe equally will approach all types of fish soup listed by me. Instead of 0,5 liters of water we pour in 0,5 liters of vodka, and in a couple of minutes before readiness of a dish, we take a brand from a fire and we extinguish it in soup. I swear, such outdoors you did not try yet!

Successful fishing and bon appetit!