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How to save on gasoline? Reduction of expenses without efforts of

of Petrol price and diesel fuel constantly grow. And, it seems to me that the salary grows somehow more slowly, than the prices. It is necessary to save because the real motorist will have no sausage in the refrigerator rather, than gasoline in a tank. Ways of economy much. I offer some of them, almost not demanding any additional efforts.

You do not go if it is possible to walk on foot. whether So needs to go behind cigarettes to the shop located in two quarters from the house? Except economy, your walk will be useful to health and ecology.

Use non-cash cards for payment. Some companies - operators of gas station offer discounts at advance payment, others offer discount accumulative bonuses. If discount cumulative discounts are quite favorable to the buyer, then at advance payment not superfluous will be to count that will bring you big economy: to put money for the " card; petrol king or to place them in bank on the deposit.

In the large cities even more often it is necessary to waste time in traffic jams. Perhaps, the public transport will be more acceptable for daily trips to office? Think of change of the place of work closer to the house . You just should not drive somewhere the car if work is at distance of two - three bus-stops from the dwelling.

Combine trips. In my house there live three my colleagues, before work of nearly 20 kilometers on the city. We drive four together serially one car. It is not difficult to count economy. Other example - trips behind purchases in one day, in all necessary outlets along in advance planned route. At a trip to several destinations, choose the place of the parking equally remote from all necessary points. It will allow not to overtake the car without need. Before somewhere going, call. Perhaps, today the trip is inexpedient and run will be single.

Plan trips in advance. Develop the main and alternative routes. Even if a trip short before starting, consider on what streets you will go where you will turn and park.

Recently navigation systems , for example, GPS were widely adopted. At a trip to the unfamiliar district the GPS receiver can become for you irreplaceable and help to preserve a lot of time, nerves, gasoline and money.

You do not carry in the car the objects unnecessary on a trip. Excess weight is an excess fuel consumption and the thrown-out money.

Do not forget to remove an external luggage carrier if in it there is no need. The empty luggage carrier demands to itself up to 15% of excess gasoline, besides, creates excess noise.

On the parking park closer to entrance. to Wind between cars or to rise by the top floors of a parking in search of the place which is simple more it is inexpedient to be pleasant, it is empty and unnecessary run. And the foot walk will be shorter.

Before gas station do not wait when you run out of fuel completely. Dirt and condensate, accumulating at the bottom, do not promote good health of the engine and profitability. It is expedient to go to gas station when in a tank there was about a quarter of capacity. Filling a full tank, you save time on trips to gas station. But at the same time excess gasoline is an excess weight and an excess expense. Find golden mean.

I think, these councils, simple for performance, will help any motorist to facilitate a little financial burden of maintenance of the favourite toy.