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Why we go on a visit to to a case?

Long winter evenings, fortunately, already behind, and gloomy and sad autumn days are still very far that cannot but please. The sun heats us the beams, all live wakes up, the nature blossoms. In this bright, fresh and long-awaited season it is simply inadmissible to person to lead a passive life, to look unattractive, negligent and dim. But in order that to you always was what to put on, and your choice was correct, it is time to be engaged in the clothes, to be exact - to bring order to the dwelling where its components are stored. So, we will visit its Majesty - the Case

I Want to warn you, friends that establishing order anywhere including in a case, does not allow haste, absence of mood, inspiration and desire to create. It is desirable that time was has enough, and nobody disturbed you. Generally, we turn difficult and long process into pleasure: we turn on the favourite music, we sing favourite songs and we combine business with pleasure...

1. For a start we will open doors wide open and we will glance over all contents. Well, how, were inspired? Remember this picture that in completion of our ritual was with what to compare.

2. Now we take out all from a case and it is temporarily placed on a bed, a sofa or any other (it is possible to spread a sheet on a floor that will allow not to lose from a field of vision even the smallest objects of clothes).

3. We wipe a case with a damp rag (not only from the inside, but at the same time and external) and, of course, dry we wipe walls, bars, doors etc. Then we dim shelves or boxes white and light paper.

4. Time to look at clothes came Oh, and what the lovely blouse is, unless it is mine? And these jeans, in my opinion, are already too small? And the grandmother for some reason hid the jacket in my case? More precisely, it is not grandmother`s, both not mother`s, and not sisters Stop! It is mine. And, it appears, she is still living, only now these efforts are eternally vain to live in clothes As you understand

, forgotten, superfluous, unnecessary, old - jammed - ugly, and also improper personally to you on color, a figure and the size of things in a case should not be, it was not as if sad with them to leave.

5. I suggest to divide things into several small temporary small groups: the first - for what, undoubtedly, we leave. The second - for clothes which demand repair (the button was lost, the spot flaunts, washing etc. is necessary). Pass into the third such unambiguously it is time for them to tell forgive - farewell . And the last - a result of our reflections: it seems not that, and it is a pity to throw out. In other words, you do not hurry, let will lie down until the end of cleaning and then (not later!) resolve their future. Only the earnest request - leave only what really has the right to pass into a small group at number one.

6. If some things demand fitting - make it immediately in front of the mirror and estimate yourself a critical look. You were convinced that in a case there are too much monotonous, duplicating things from which, as they say, neither warmly, nor it is cold? Means, there is a sense to leave only the best, and to present the others to the sister, the girlfriend or to give to persons in need.

Perhaps, you realize why you even more often change clothes of sweaters, blouses, jackets, and the bottom remains without changes or on the contrary. One of the reasons - existence of unnecessary things and absence necessary. And still, as we know, there are favourite and problem places of a figure. Often what really should be emphasized by means of the corresponding things we hide under some loose overalls or imperceptible clothes. We do not love the places demanding adjustment and transformation from a problem into advantage, we hate, we complain about unsuccessful genes and we put an end to them.

Thus, having understood what is not enough in clothes and especially the soul wants, it is possible to solve several interconnected problems: to fill up stocks of the necessary clothes; it is correct to choose style, the size and models and, naturally, to become more beautiful, more elegant and more harmonous.

7. When the further mission of things is clear, it is possible to move further. Accurately we clean clothes in a case. We do it it is comprehended, we remember functionality and its combination with each other, we consider seasonality. Things which will not be necessary for us soon are sense to clean far away (the benefit during the winter it managed to bother). For them mezzanines or the most top regiments will fit. We place what corresponds to a season closer that it was convenient to get and clean.

8. Someone prefers to display clothes depending on color scale. I have more to taste the next way of an arrangement: T-shirts to T-shirts, jeans a pile, separately skirts, blouses etc. We place underwear in a separate compartment or in a special box. Small things (socks, tights, scarves, etc.) too have to keep at a distance, not be lost and not disturb the rest, it is better to allocate for them the small shelf, a box or to place as a last resort in special beautiful boxes. We hang up belts and belts on a hook or an eyelet.

9. Jackets, trousers, jackets and other demand special careful storage. If conditions allow, we send them on coat hanger or so-called hangers. - fluffy delights we hide a fur coat, a coat and other shaggy under special covers. Do not forget to secure them hibernation from an artful moth who for you can imperceptibly regale on them. To it, of course, not to eat everything, but it is possible to ponadkusyvat, what is even more offensive Try to arrange things so that they did not rub the friend about the friend, were not rumpled and did not lose the appearance.

Well, here, it seems, and all. Depending on a variety of your things and storage conditions, this list can be continued, to vary and change. The main thing - everything listed above is a basis which can inspire you on the real wardrobe masterpiece!

Be, friends, beautiful, attractive, bright and very best! And do not forget yet that even in the absence of a large number of clothes it is possible to create the unique and individual style if it is correct to combine things and to make thrifty use of them.