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But whether not to call on to to a case?

Cases happen different: big and small, convenient and not really If there are opportunity and desire, then many even create the certain wardrobe room where to each thing there is the lawful place. Though it is clear that for the majority it all - remains unattainable luxury. Despite it, similar argument - at all not a justification for the indifferent relation to the clothes.

Even the small and old case can be turned into functional and beautiful storage of favourite things if the nobility as it is correct to make it. On the last, by the way, we are met, they supplement our image, do it harmonious or on the contrary so it is unreasonable to forget about it

By the way, foreign psychologists made very interesting supervision according to which (irrespective of gender and age) it is possible to judge character of the person authentically, having glanced in a case where it stores the things. Conclusions are as follows:

1. People are orderly persons. the ideal order reigns In their cases. The casual and best clothing is separated from each other, cleaned and ironed. Such representatives are rational. Are a role model. They do not spend time for nothing and are very provident.

2. The person - a riddle. can communicate With him since the childhood, to recognize him closer and closer, but foreign soul will remain darkness. Every time you will be convinced that you at all and do not know the friend, and maybe do not understand, both in general it unpredictable and always different. It is not simpler to understand at all and its case. It is, as a rule, crowded with a huge number of clothes. Let she and from time immemorial, but by right served to a rank vintage . The main thing - much of what is stored looks decently. Such person who is extremely closed. It in rare instances will share the pleasant memories. And still very sensitive and easily vulnerable.

3. If the case is full of old things at which, on the contrary, without tears you will not look, and especially such a little where will put on it means that the owner of these relics - the incorrigible dreamer . Touching old things, such people adore making plans. Here only carry out them very seldom.

I think, this classification at desire can be added or offered the if you have striking examples from practice. And in general, the case, all - is intended for storage of things therefore sooner or later it is worth thinking of how these things are stored and whether there is a sense available some of them.

It was simpler to think, and it is easier to accept decisions, further - simple councils on, so-called, to a casting necessary and not really - prophetic . So, clothes the place in your clothes, if:

1. Its size corresponds to your today`s weight, growth, a constitution. That is, it is important that a suit sat also did not spoil you.

2. Color to you to the person.

3. It is your favourite thing which you often carry and for all 100% you can claim that it really to you goes.

4. These clothes hide shortcomings or emphasize advantages of your figure.

5. It is possible to combine it successfully with other things of your clothes etc. of

Everything that testifies to the return, speaks for itself: it not your, unnecessary and superfluous. Having got rid of similar copies (and it, friends, already other history) at you will appear not only desire, but also an occasion to indulge itself with new and worthy things. They, in turn, will make you more beautiful, a little more harmonously and even more happily.

Act! Love yourself and remember that you are worthy the best!

To be continued