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What will show Beijing - 2008?

According to experts, future Olympic Games in Beijing have to be the most memorable and the most organized, beautiful, honest and productive. Though before opening which will take place in the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year at the main stadium of Beijing still far, but nevertheless already is what to tell about and to what to be glad.

It would be desirable to begin with the fact that in Beijing Olympic venues will be built prior to the beginning of 2008. And it is considerable plus. Remember how in Athens everything was oiled during the Olympic Games. But even if Chinese something will not be in time, then the main construction - " stadium; Bird`s nest it is already ready. Therefore opening of the Olympic Games can already begin to be rehearsed.

I will stop also by buses which will serve athletes and to bring people to venues of competitions. In China the longest buses in the world which can accomodate up to 300 people are created, and in length reach 25 meters. Length is not the only plus which will be present at this vehicle. Chinese equipped buses with ramps that physically disabled people could also go to them.

Moving further, I will stop on what the Chinese authorities want to carry out Green Olympic Games and Environmentally friendly . About 1 were already allocated. 3 million dollars on environmental protection. How it was reflected in it? Already now in Beijing the steel works and one of the largest five shops of iron and steel works is closed. Changed the equipment which reduces emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere for five combined heat and power plants.

As for a dope - control near which always rumors and scandals turn much at the Olympic Games - 2008 it will be taken near the 4500th dope - tests during the main competitions of the fourth anniversary. I will remind what in Athens in 2004 of such tests was taken 3500. And if you did not forget, the Athenian Olympic Games are nicknamed by the most scandalous for all the time of carrying out Games.

Small digression to history, we will remember events of the Munich Olympic Games. You remember act of terrorism in which the Israeli athletes died? And so in Beijing say that during competitions nothing will be made similar. 10 thousand specially trained employees will watch safety during Games. Though still in Beijing there were no large acts of terrorism, but nevertheless, during the Olympic Games everyone can happen.

Food. It is one more issue with which the Chinese authorities just before Games seriously deal. In Beijing the rating of bars and restaurants, but here dishes of European cuisine which give there is already made, do not correspond to taste of traditional dishes of some European countries.

You know, the most pleasant that near sporting venues, in the Olympic village and near the airport 533 hectares of trees will be landed. It is huge plus. In the photo which to me was brought by the father from Games of 2004 the Olympic village, frankly speaking, looks as the field with the lodges poked on it. I think, in Beijing everything will be much better. Kohl I started talking about a landscape, I want to tell that in Sydney at the Games of 2000, though did not manage to plant a grass, so there everywhere though artificial was nakidat. I know it, besides, according to photos and from stories of parents who visited not one Olympic Games.