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Than the websites which are built by visitors are good?

Few months ago for one night I came across at once several websites where news were published by visitors. You know, at once did not even believe that on one website both the yellow, and white press can meet. But even their mixture does not prevent to obtain information in any way, and in very large number.

If you wanted to receive the latest news collected by the principle from the world on a thread the such websites just wait for you. Frankly speaking, they can already be counted as systems of mass information of new generation. As correspondents users act here, and each registered person can add information and to leave comments to news.

Which - where these websites already nicknamed beehives in which news users as bees bring honey. Every day need for obtaining information grows, but someone has to filter it. On the websites constructed by visitors they also work on elimination uninteresting, and the best gives all the best on a review of all audience. Here the user the king and he governs information.

If you do not like what advises the majority, - there is such opportunity as formation of the list of headings and news. That is you should not consider tastes of other users, and can remain alone only with the priorities.

These resources first of all are designed for those people to whom information, but not scandals and funny things which happened in the world of show - business is important. As the huge number of people works on the website, and you will be able to read news from different parts of the world. I would call these " portals; In total about everything . This is true. Here also serious materials of which it is worth thinking can come across, and what it is pleasant to read before going to bed and to forget.

Why the websites do not get littered, you ask? The answer is simple. When there is news, read it can leave the comments to it and the assessment. The assessment is higher, the material will be more popular, and the more it will be read people. Other system operates on many resources: the more at material of viewings, the higher it in the news blog.

I want to stop on one important point. On the majority of the websites there is no censorship. Now we were given freedom of the printing word. Nobody will punish for the published material. However, while the system is new, I would not advise too often to refer to the such websites. That else especially it is pleasant to me - here nobody is afraid to spread " cream;. That is you will be able precisely to find and read sensational interviews here, and here where - nibud to refer - would not advise.

Moving further, in my review it would be desirable to note that this sort the websites have no character of plagiarism as at addition of material it is necessary to specify a resource from which it is taken. But. There is one but . Sometimes people specify resources on which in the afternoon with fire you will not find this material. Why also reliability of information suffers so far.

On websites of this sort interactive feedback is provided. If you wanted to communicate to any specific person, then it is enough to you to send to him the letter and then to read the answer at yourself in a private office. in conclusion I want to tell

that these websites work on the Web 2 system. 0. By the way, if I am not mistaken, you already visited one of such resources - it is all of us darling School - Lives .