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How to be saved from noise?

you Remember the old Soviet animated film History of one crime ? One modest and peace person was just not given... to have a sleep. And the last which exhausted it all patience - some loud dvornichikha - just was hit a frying pan on the head.

Develops feeling that nobody teaches anybody to silence at all. If conversation (even by phone) - that by all means at the top of the voice and so that it was heard all. If any actions like repair - that is obligatory in the most inopportune hour. If farewell to late guests, then with an indispensable condition to have a talk some more minutes on a landing or on the street. Sometimes and ourselves are guilty, giving to the noise an inconvenience to people around. However, having tracked at least a couple of hours quantity and a variety made by a circle and nobody not stopped noise (especially during the summer period), just it is necessary to envy our nervous system capable still to maintain such everyday loadings.

You tried to have a sleep sometime in the afternoon or on Sunday slightly longer, than others if you have no eurowindows or any else elements of sound insulation? Try - it is very impressively. At 9 in the morning on one Sunday it seemed to me that there came the doomsday. In one mngoveniye, in a light slumber, you slide in some underworld under sounds, completely to it corresponding. Having approached a window, I do not see anything, except the closed van which is standing opposite. From it sounds as though hundred people knock on its iron flooring reach and try to wake all Universe. The frightened neighbors get out on balconies, but nobody can understand anything. At last, in half an hour (probably, having become deaf from with own hand published glokhot) from a van there are two who are pulling out on alfalt some iron bathtub and very quietly continue to knock on it sledge hammers, without paying to anybody attention.

having Dejectedly come back to the room, I do not even manage to drop the head on a pillow again as heart-rending shout is distributed. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Throw money!! Maaaaaaaaa! Mother lives not below the fifth floor, but her child in any way it does not confuse at all. Shout continues minutes 15 during which I understand that mother, for certain, carries a surname Gobsek because the diving note from the fifth floor did not follow though plaintive appeals of the son are already heard nearly in other district of the city. The boy continues to shout hysterically, however mother shows surprising miracles of calmness, even without trying to calm the child. And only the peel of sunflower seeds which is smoothly going down on my handrail demonstrates its presence at our general with it reality.

In half an hour under a balcony more senior generation - teenagers already begins to gather. A habit to talk since one end of the house to another - it is already ineradicable. To call up someone is closer and then to begin to be interested in news at the friends - it is uninteresting. Why to wait for 5 minutes when it is possible to begin conversation right now? And on the increasing loudness of conversation becomes obvious that its second participant not only does not come nearer to speaking, but also on the contrary - is removed somewhere more and more. All this reminds one old joke. The Japanese delegation comes to reception to the head of some far Siberian plant. Expecting in a reception, Japanese hear only shrill call from - for the director`s doors: Moskvaaaa!!!... Moskvaaaa!!! At last, one of Japanese is interested at the secretary: Tell, and it is impossible to call there?

Then suddenly there is a feeling that you are in some insulator where your mentality is just checked for durability. Something like the dripping crane which is not closed in any way, or methodically blinking bulb. However this time it is a sound irritant again - an automobile signal which is pressed with a frequency of times in two seconds. At first it seems that someone just put the child for a car wheel, and the kid methodically drums on a horn (that too happens, by the way, quite often). But not here - that was. Couple of motorists which is simply passing by decided to stop at the first building and to repair, at last, long ago the signal needing under repair. One, by sight it seems the normal man, with enviable frequency signals, it depends another, having sat down at his car, potters with wires there. In the same America this alarm the couple would be fined so long ago that after payment of a penalty they from the car would have only this horn which they with such persistence repaired.

By the way, after 10 o`clock in the morning it is even possible not to put an alarm clock as, without looking on any Sundays and holidays, all the same it is not necessary to sleep any more. Right now the trio from joiner`s tools which pleases my hearing month four from the top floor - the hammer, a drill, a saw will join. What is possible it is constant to break, drill and saw 4 months - for me and remains a riddle. But the neighbor doing repair is sacred, unless it is possible to complain of it! Knock of the hammer can continue till late evening, but it confuses nobody too. Unless nervous companions whom live the floor below.

When the sun already in a zenith, you suddenly overtake wild shouts from the street. In general that the world World Cups take place with certain breaks in several years, likely, there is the iron logic. Because the domestic World Cups and so take place daily several times. All this is very laudable, nobody argues - children should play somewhere. If not one but . Young football players possess not only football temperament, but also a gromoglasnost of football fans. It is possible to monitor the account of a match, a line-up and movements of football players even at the closed windows and being on other end of the apartment.

In this abundance of noise for all occasions, there is only one exit - though for a while to muffle this cacophony... some, own noise. It is possible to start old, still the Soviet washing machine, and it is the best of all to approach the tape recorder and to include first - the main thing that is louder. All noise are absorbed suddenly by something like that loud, but though melodious. Yes, partitions from the clapping neighbour`s doors continue to shudder periodically, the ball to fight about a balcony, and the metalwork trio unsuccessfully tries to perestuchat music, but under a roar already own and, therefore, such native loudspeakers you, at last, with relief fall to a chair. Here it is long-awaited silence.