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What will be after receiving the higher education?

So, are graduated, and the diploma lies in a pocket. What to do is farther? To work? And where? To study in postgraduate study? Or just to marry and become the housewife? Here such choice faces modern university graduates.

The distributive system of employment any more does not exist therefore it introduces the amendments. Earlier - received the direction and went to work. Of course, there were also shortcomings. Could send ooochen far and refuse was in any way. Had to fulfill all 3 years honestly. But you for certain knew that you well will definitely not be left without work and money.

And now that? Now - received a crust and go wherever one wishes . Anybody any more does not concern any more as whom and where you will work what prospects at you. No, of course, on the Open Day at all universities paint about delights of this university and this specialty and about bright future which waits for all graduates.

And actually as it turns out? In life turns out so that practically the majority (especially humanitarian specialties) do not go to work in that direction in which studied. For most of students, let us assume, of teaching offices, it is only an opportunity to learn a foreign language and already to try to apply it at any more highly paid work.

My personal thought is creation not of distributive system after receiving the higher education, but nevertheless granting an opportunity to find at once work and in the specialty. Because often students do not know where to them to move with the crust. Otherwise they could already begin to work and already during work to resolve an issue of the further career. The option of cooperation of universities with various companies which are ready to employ the expert to themselves is possible. In many largest higher education institutions and at certain departments such system really exists and yields the positive results.

The science in modern conditions suffers especially . It is unlikely big weight is ready to offer forces and time for the sake of writing of theses and development of science. Science now not in honor. Who is ready to give 3 years of the life for study in postgraduate study for 3000 rubles a month? And the science was never easy business. And then are surprised why scientific shots grow old every year, and new do not come. Because there are no acceptable conditions for arrival of youth to science. And it is not enough altruists. There is even such phenomenon in teaching structure at universities as to work as a hobby . That is it is already very wealthy person who holds a high position in any company and for own pleasure is engaged in teaching. Or it is the wife of such wealthy person. And not to stay at home constantly, and to be engaged in business, she teaches. It does not demand absolutely full employment that is convenient for education of the small child.

Modern living conditions and works put a rigid framework for young graduates of universities. Many know about it and try to achieve the softest conditions. It is reached by a podrabatyvaniye during study to leave university not just with korochkoyob the academic knowledge, but also with experience in any area. It very strongly facilitates job search after the termination of higher education institution. But that began to please in recent years, so is that one so-called protection for receiving good work it is not enough. It is necessary to be valid the expert, otherwise no communications will help.

In return I want to wish more optimism to young graduates of universities and beliefs in the forces!