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How I am eager to satisfy also hunger to the thrill-seeker?

the Thrill-seeker it is possible to become also against own will. Not in all plane crashes people perish. We will not consider the terrible moments, and we will approach a survival problem under natural conditions is more practical, without the victims.

If as the fates decree you happen to appear in private with the nature, from settlements at a great distance, then remember this text, allay in yourself fear and panic, and take measures for rescue of. The earth appeared before the person, people only the guest, the newcomer who adapted on it to live, but at first he adapted to survive, after only he began to bear the proud name homo sapiens and to do attempts to move on two extremities.

What to you it is vital in emergency situation? the First is water, without it you will not last out also four days, the Second - food, can do without food of people approximately days 15 - 20. If you not in the desert, then just look around: food - in bulk! And waters too.

Water. you can drink Spring water, practically without being afraid. If the mountain ash gets to you, then it is possible to satisfy hunger and thirst with its berries. About the river, forest lakes and in the marshland drinking water can be extracted so: near water the pole in which after a while will gather river (lake, marsh) the water filtered by soil is dug out. In the raw it is not desirable to drink such water, but it is quite suitable for the use after boiling.

Also with doubtful water can put several branches of a bird cherry in ware. Leaves of a bird cherry allocate a huge amount of phytoncides, water will be disinfected in 20 - 30 minutes. This water can be drunk or used safely for cooking.

Food. many plants Are edible. Leaves and young escapes of blackberry, chicory, a willow-herb are edible. Young leaves of a plantain, currant, dogrose, linden, burdock, dandelion, clover, mother - and - stepmothers, a rhubarb are edible. Roots, in the raw are edible: Ivan - tea, a cane, an acorus, a krovokhlebka, a meadowsweet, a burdock, a wheat grass, a medunitsa. Backs at which it is necessary to work, more precisely to make from them flour: dandelion, cane, mountaineer snake and viviparous, zopnik, kaluzhnitsa marsh, jug yellow, water-lily white, silverweed goose, wheat grass, rogoz, krovokhlebka.

Flour becomes so. Backs small are cut and dry. After they will dry, it is necessary to try to grind them, the cobble-stone, for example, and any capacity, as a mortar for this purpose will approach. After a pomolka to add water, to make dough and to bake on fire. From flour of roots of a lake cane decent porridge turns out, to it there is a little salt... And here flour from a water-lily it is necessary to soak hours six, periodically changing water, only after that to do dough and the furnace.

It is impossible to eat a lot of sorrel since its acid breaks a salt exchange in an organism.

Your coffee, sir! Will approach roots of a burdock, a dandelion or chicory. Coffee is ready to grind, fry thoroughly, fill in with boiled water-.

Wood yu like that drink e cap of ti? Herbal tea - the source of vitamins also contains many chemical minerals useful to an organism. Flowers and leaves of a St. John`s Wort, wild strawberry, raspberry, or caraway seeds will be necessary for you for its preparation. Also leaves of a plantain, a nettle, currant, a willow-herb, mother - and - stepmothers, a primrose, a medunitsa, a dogrose, a hawthorn are good. From fruits for preparation of tea it is possible to use black elder, a mountain ash, cowberry, a hawthorn, a dogrose.

Within article it is impossible to describe all edible on this planet - it is a subject for the book or the thesis. In any case, me it is thought that I convinced you of not hopelessness. Deliberately I do not describe animal food since. I am afraid for readers with weak stomachs and the Greenpeace can not understand me!

Of course, I hope that such kitchen will not be demanded by you, but as the nobility...

Successful to you campaigns, flights, alloys, and bonds of an apeta, Lord!