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Why Americans so intensively kill each other?

on April 20, 1999 - in 110 - y birthday of Hitler - weather was clear and warm. Morning smoothly passed in day when Eric Haris (Eric Harris) and its friend Dylan Klebold (Dylan Klebold) as usual went to school (Columbine High School). Only this time for the place of school supplies in their hands the shortened shot-guns flaunted.

Eric with Dylan were dressed in sunglasses, long black jackets, army boots and had obviously unfriendly spirit. Two established by them in cafeteria of a bomb did not work, and therefore the embittered teenagers were out for blood with an unprecedented force.

When they got into the schoolhouse, did not pass also couple of seconds as chaotic firing began. The rain from the heated lead absorbed under itself all live, splitting up bones and breaking off arteries as if a fine fabric. Killing one behind another and coolly recharging the weapon, in the first minutes shooters blurted out over one hundred cartridges.

Once, having felt taste of murder, they understood that it terribly is pleasant to them, and could not stop any more. As result - 13 corpses (apart from the criminals who committed suicide), 25 wounded and the sea of scandals over an event. The press christened an event Kolumbaynsky Slaughter (Columbine Massacre)

Should noting that such cases occurred in America, rich in firearms, and before:

- On November 14, 1995 in the city of Linkvil (State of Tennessee) the pupil of school Richlend 17 - summer James Rose shot the teacher and the schoolmate. One more teacher got wound.

- on October 1, 1997 in the city Pearl (State of Mississippi) 18 - a summer Varnish Radkhem killed mother, then at school killed two girls and wounded four more people.

- On May 21, 1998 in the city of Springfield (State of Oregon) 15 - the summer school student Kiplend Kinkel killed parents, and then from a semi-automatic rifle opened fire in school cafeteria. 2 persons are killed and 23 are wounded.

- on February 29, 2000 at elementary school of the city of Maunt - Morris (State of Michigan) the six-year-old first grader killed with a shot from the gun the schoolmate. Shooting became the youngest school student - the murderer in the USA.

- On April 16, 2003 at stadium of school of John Makdonou in New Orleans several teenagers opened fire at pupils. One school student died, four are wounded. the List can be continued by

further. The most known of similar incidents - already mentioned case in Kolumbayna. Until recently it was peculiar bloody record . However all a few days ago this record was broken: the Korean student Cho Syn Hee opened fire at employees and students of Virdzhinsky polytechnical institute, having killed as a result of 30 people. Earlier in the hostel (West Ambler Johnston) it tore off lives of two more students. To arrival of police Cho Syn Hee committed suicide, having let out a bullet in a temple, than generated a new blot in the history of the USA - Virdzhinsky Slaughter.

The other day the European TV channels broadcast last word the murderer - last video - the address, - in which he frankly raved and accused all mankind of the crime.

- You had hundreds of billions chances to prevent today, but you preferred to shed blood which will never be washed away, - Cho Syn Hee in one of the moments of the video of the message told and ominously smiled it became clear to

For a long time that behind a hillock shoot not only in computer toys. Annually in the States from gunshot wounds the person perishes to thirty thousand . Also put here here in what: The American nation owing to political, social, historical, ethnic and other features, like any other nation, has the individual traits. Both positive, and negative.

If to sort negative lines of the average U.S. citizen, then it is possible to notice in them the hidden psychotype of vlastolyubets ; the person who is not realizing a consequence and seeking to achieve at the expense of pressure or aggression not always the justified objective.

The weapon in this case is some kind of power .

Agree that the person having the mechanism of terrible force in higher position than the person unarmed. And if in addition to it armed has dark thoughts on use of this advantage, then processes, irreversible for society, shortly begin. As then in the head of the loony the Raskolnikovsky ideas dividing mankind on " are born; the creatures shivering and the right having ranking him as the last.

For the normal citizen of the person interested to protect itself such thing the weapon, maybe, the power, but for vlastolyubets all is also not differently. The same gun for its swelled ego in one cases - a possibility of to feel once again God , in others - a temptation to make someone`s destiny, as they say, of one left.

- You had hundreds of billions chances to prevent today, - the hero of the last news reports Cho Syn Hee told and it appeared the rights.

The weapon be not so available , he for certain would not manage to establish ill-fated bloody record . And Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sent the energy to other course, having tried forbidden fruit aspirations to the power, expressed through destruction of others.

Such here situation. Our people, of course, other mentality (daring Russian soul and so forth), bloody records it is not nice and has very remote relation to psychotypical vlastolyubets, but it is not a hindrance too, and just on the contrary - incentive - to thrust a bullet in a forehead to the drinking companion or, say, the importunate neighbor.

So if deputies of the Russian Federation will raise a question of legalization of the weapon again or enterprising citizens with saliva at a throat will try to whine about to civil self-defense it is worth remembering a sad tendency of the West and to ask one comprehensive question:


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