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How house plants influence our life? Whether

are Known by you that each house plant has secret mission? Long since people attributed to flowers and plants magic properties. One flowers got in the house that they brought to owners success in affairs and wealth, others - to strengthen a peace in the home.

the Violet

Earlier the violet was considered as a symbol of tenderness and modesty. If you plant this flower at yourself in the house, then it will attract to you romanticism and love.

A cactus

This prickly plant - the real watchman of your house. Long since attributed to all plants having prickles property to preserve the house against an ungodliness. Therefore the cactus is a keeper of peace. It is better to arrange it at a door or on a window sill. Also the cactus is considered an absorber of computer radiation therefore it is recommended to be put near your monitor.

A lemon

This representative of family of a citrus positively influences mood. If you put a lemon at home, then seldom which of members of your family will long or be depressed. Also the lemon has property to bring to his owners prosperity. The people living in this house will never have financial problems. Except all this the lemon very well disinfects air indoors, kills harmful microbes and gives to the apartment fresh, pleasant aroma.

The crassula

Is a plant also call a monetary tree. Such plant is recommended to be got to the people dealing with money: to sellers, accountants, employees of bank. The crassula helps to cope with financial problems, to make the right decision in monetary questions. This flower helps to develop such qualities as accuracy and thrift.

A cyclamen It is simply necessary for

in the house where there is no peace and harmony. Not for nothing this flower was entitled the peacekeeper - it nullifies the conflicts, calms children. The cyclamen helps the owner to overcome complexes, isolation and shyness.

An azalea

the Azalea is very beautiful flower. He creates around himself positive power. The azalea well affects matrimonial love therefore it can be given to newlyweds. So that if you gather for a wedding to the close friend or the girlfriend, and do not know what to present, it is better, than this fine flower not to find a gift.

It is anyway recommended to keep in the house more flowers as green plants absorb the carbon dioxide which is in your apartment and emit so oxygen, necessary for our organism.