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Where there is Lizyukov Street?

Voronezh... Who was not, very much I recommend! One of the few cities in which not just there is a wish to happen and there is a wish to remain.

Everything begins with the railway station. No, bus station not will give a ride under no circumstances, though is literally in fifteen - thirty minutes of walking from ZhD (Voronezh - 1). Simply, on summer, a peshochok, slowly, by 1905 goda Street... Five-storey buildings, small little shops, epicure at the corner... Somehow it is called now? Perhaps already supermarket?. And this building that at Lenin Square, 2... As soon as you leave the station, at once begins attack of Voronezh . Air... it is absolutely another. I do not know why, but another. Noisy rare trams...

Earlier I thought that Lizyukov Street - a usual invention of animators, and the word - simply ridiculous word for children. Everything appeared not so, simply, it was necessary to grow up and do a bit of traveling a little over the country. There is this street, and not simply, and is loud, from capital letter General Lizyukov Street . There is it in the Northern district of the city and on this street once, long ago, the first " newspaper appeared; From hand to hand ...

About Voronezh even residents of Voronezh therefore I also will not tell all will not be able to tell everything. And you know that in Voronezh there is the sea!? I assure you: IT is! I saw, bathed in it, went on it on the boat. Now, as it became clear, you should not bathe in it not only, but also it is unhealthy.

Happened I and in other cities near which there are reservoirs, but the sea it is called only in Voronezh.

You remember the punk - " group; Gaza Strip ? They are residents of Voronezh. And you know why so is called? The name happened from the place where this group was organized. On the suburb of the city there is a railway crossing, and behind it an industrial zone which in the people and was called Gaza Strip (from - for chemical plant).

If got there by car, then will know not harmfully what on the way from the center to the Northern area is available only in the city avtomobilno - a tram outcome where the guest will become puzzled and, apparently, that there are no options. Too it is cool, it is necessary just to go meters fifty on an oncoming lane!

Is interesting: whether the city solved this discrepancy?

In the center it is possible to eat good ice cream, I recommend, " cafe; Milan . There is no sense from - for qualitative ice cream to trudge to some grungy Italy!. Not that Italians to me are not nice, just residents of Voronezh - is more nice.

About Voronezh it is necessary to tell! There to take all, to show everything to them (time for fifty!) to feed, it is possible by force, to give beer. By the way, the Voronezh beer very high quality, and here vodka you bring better with yourself as local it is similar to a thick rough file which needs to be swallowed. I am assured that now in the country on all counters all identical. It is possible to buy good food and qualitative alcoholic " beverages; Nemiroff . And I when I get to the next city, new to myself, always try to try local production. It can sometimes tell about the city more eloquently than the best story-teller!

This article almost unjustly was born. Simply, again I want to Voronezh. ( as in an old joke: - And you were there? - No! Just yesterday wanted too).

If destiny so disposes that it will be necessary to choose the residence, then in this country


let in one short article it is heavy to b to tell

I about the whole city. But I very much hope that after its reading the usual Russian city of Voronezh will become for all of you slightly - slightly closer (Washington and Sydney)!