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How much is economy of the electric power?

the Number of the devices consuming the electric power grow in our apartments. From electric stoves and washing machines - to chargers of mobile phones. The electric power rises in price approximately for 15% a year. More and more people begin to think of its economy.

Many years we knew one way of economy of the electric power - to switch off unnecessary. And even now across Moscow posters with appeals to switch off hang.

There were also new appeals. To use energy saving lamps and two-tariff counters. But, to begin to save with them, it is necessary to buy them at first!

When they will pay off? Let`s try to count.

Let`s say now in the apartment there are 20 bulbs of an incandescence with a general power of 1200 Watts. In days they burn approximately for 4 hours. Some it is more, some it is less. You understand that all calculations will be approximate. Everyone will be able to repeat them then specifically for himself.

So, 1200 Watts x 4 hours = 4. 8 kWh (kWh). Per day. 1 kWh costs in Moscow 1 now. The 47th ruble for apartments with electric stoves and 2. The 08th ruble for apartments with gas stoves. That is, every day we pay 7 only for lighting. 06 and 9. 99 rubles respectively.

20 energy saving bulbs giving as much light cost about 3000 rubles. They will consume about 5 times less electric power. That is for the same days - 1 kWh. It already costs 1. 47 and 2. 08th ruble. Economy 5. 59 and 7. 91 rubles a day respectively.

Now it is necessary to consider for how many these lamps will pay off. We divide 3000 rubles into daily economy. We receive 536 and 379 days respectively. That is expenses will pay off approximately in one and a half years in the apartment with an electric stove and in a year in the apartment with the gas stove. Then the pure economy will go. It is possible to consider still that energy saving lamps serve longer than glow lamps.

Now we will try to replace the ordinary counter with two-tariff. He will allow to save already not only on lighting, but also on all the consumed apartment of the electric power. 1 kWh of the electric power spent with 23. 00 to 7. 00, costs approximately four times cheaper: 0. The 37th ruble in apartments with electric stoves and 0. 53 rubles in apartments with gas stoves.

It is not much more difficult to replace the counter, than to twist an energy saving bulb in a cartridge. At least, in Moscow. You submit the application to the regional office of Energosbyt. Now there for this purpose there are even special windows. You pay slightly more than three thousand rubles. Within a month to you the repairman comes and changes the counter.

For what time these 3 thousand will pay off?

Here calculations are even more approximate. During 8 - mi the electric power is four times cheaper than night hours. Other 16 hours from 24 - x costs on a usual tariff. Here already everything depends on a way of life. Night wakefulness will allow to save more. Though now many power-intensive electric devices have timers. The washing machine, electric stove, the bread machine, water heater and many other things can join and be switched off while you sleep. Here everyone can count for itself(himself).

My year, without special pressures, experience of use of the two-tariff counter showed that payment of the electric power decreased by a quarter. Installation of this counter will pay off years for one and a half.

Who was not inspired by these calculations - can continue to use switches free of charge. Or use I cannot but not to add

. Saving the electric power at home, we indirectly help preservation of the nature. For!