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Whether life without food is possible?

How many times already similar questions were brought up both in the press, and on television. Who did not read or did not hear about the popular and made a noise in due time Paul Bragg`s best-seller Starvation Miracle ? Who did not hear from friends or acquaintances if he did not see itself, about the known body - show in which leaders - Khanga and Ishcheeva presented to public a unique person - the woman who does not eat already 8 years?!

Later, in the following release of the same a body - show, they once again came back to this subject, but this time showed not the woman, but her, so to speak, spiritual mentor - the teacher who told very little, - (to it simply did not give anything to tell plainly), - only the fact that it is immortal.

Someone believed, the majority, of course - is not present, but it is not it. And that this subject did not lose the relevance and only gains steam. Worldwide then, there are people who voluntarily refuse food till some months and years, and feel excellently. The press periodically notifies on existence of similar phenomenal persons.

Here for example, Australian Ellen Griv from Brisbane, considers that having replaced usual food with direct perception of energy of the Sun, it is possible to support normal body weight. She only drinks a small amount of liquid, but does not eat since 1993. Mother of two daughters, in the past the consultant of bank, now she writes books and teaches on courses of transition to space food which she organized. These courses successfully finished thousands of pupils. The majority of them under pressure of the social environment and habits returned to usual food.

But Ellen Griv does not change food by exclusively power streams.

- Sometimes, approximately once a month, I want to eat a chocolate piece, and I do not refuse to myself it, - she says. And how many money and time people spend for purchase of products, cooking, washing of ware, for daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners, for festive feasts! In 12 years without food she saved a lot of money though it, of course, do not aim - just additional benefit. Ellen Griv says that she perceives the spiritual, space energy penetrating the whole world as divine light, a prana, air, tsi, argon or heavenly light

Swiss Michael Verner, the chemist by training, the head of oncological research association in Arleskhaym near Basel also consumes energy, necessary for life, continuously and directly as a certain space stream and describes it in the article Eating light as unexpected gift, as favor . At the same time he considers himself as the most ordinary person.

It is very often asked to make the report on food by space energy, but even more often he is invited to a lunch or a dinner. Verner accepts invitations, sits at a table, but refuses all offered dishes, just keeps the company to invited, conducts conversation. He highly appreciates long tradition of joint meals and does not consider it necessary to lose participation in a feast. Sometimes he nevertheless eats several nutlets, a cluster of grapes or a chocolate bar, but he assures that it is not obligatory - just tasty.

In October, 2004 the Swiss researcher took part in scientific experiment, and within 10 days was in clinic under supervision. For purity of experience experiment was made in brightly lit room at continuous video surveillance, in full isolation. A set of sensors controlled a metabolism and functions of various bodies of the examinee. Many times did to Verner even intestines pictures to be convinced that is not present any " there; stocks . As a result of inspection it became clear that all indicators are normal.

Many people who passed to food with space energy by a special technique tell about feeling of unusual ease and cheerfulness throughout the day, and also note that the need for night rest decreased. A side effect from a similar way of life are also manifestations of paranormal abilities: ability to telepathy, clairvoyance and strengthening of personal mental force are shown as a result of clarification of an organism from slags, its transformation into more perfect, debugged system.

Life cases without food were known and registered for a long time. So, for example, in Germany Theresa von Konnerasreut`s history from Bavaria, 1898 of the birth which ceased to eat on 30 - m to year of life and lived till 1962 is well-known.

A in 1947. The Pope Pius the Twelfth canonized Swiss Niklaus von Flueje living from 1417 to 1487. About this righteous person data remained that he in 1467 began the most strict post and ate nothing to the death, that is, twenty years.

It is necessary to notice that experiments with transition to food by space energy instead of usual human food are connected with considerable risk therefore, of course, is not necessary, dear readers, to rush rashly to a whirlpool of novel. But will not prevent to think of these interesting facts to anybody. Probably, time to mankind came to comprehend and master new ways which will bring him to fuller use of the hidden reserves of an organism.