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Editors. Who is it?

Well, begin everything is banal. Suyosh in a mouth Duchess pear it is possible a sosalka Take-off also you begin to press on the " keys;. In principle, 0,5 beers are possible, of course, but then always leaves that gave pleasure only to itself as after beer it that any editor is not able to print is written. A fate at them such.

Petrovich, - told me grown wise refusals of editors my basic I . - Well you vyyozhivatsya? Why you are not inspired by the description of design of modern toilet bowls? The magnificent subject, is so much scope for improvisation, for demonstration of your mean erudition, for fountains of flashing humour. Right there, as in a saying, from shit even the nice candy can turn out very much. These subtleties and difficulties of an inner world were given you. Do not wash away, pis - with - and - a tel! Write about sralnik . No, - having frowned I speak to the basic, - though you and basic and fingers to me here gnyosh but I will write about spiritual . The hell with him what is not printed. The hell with him that you are ill after everyone sincere article as a mongrel after a campaign on a garbage can, that pulls to get drunk as never and nobody in the history of alcoholism got drunk, namely finally and irrevocably, that is, not to death, and still getting drunk .

So do not print, and will never print! The meaning of work is lost. If you are such cool author, then here take and write about editors. Write without uniform trite hint. Sit down now as the novice on reception at the archimandrite, osmirensya, do not drink beer, do not smoke a cigarette and away reject any lascivious word. You can? Or what you are to hell an author and the actor ? I Can, - I sigh, and, with melancholy having looked on written above, I answer, - all the same will not print .

The song about the fact that the editor is an unaccomplished author, is thought up and is executed by editors chorus, so to speak, korporativno. Actually, without going into semantic subtleties, it is possible to tell safely that the editor is a censor. This is the such guard on a threshold of human souls preserving them for needs of system. In general, censorship by the birth was obliged to church. And then the state snatched this church privilege. It also is right - do not substitute for yourself the state. However, about censorship article will be separate, only about editors in my understanding of this phenomenon here.

The editor is a same priest, only secular. You to it a confession - it to you absolution in the form of the publication.

I in years young the author was not going to become at all that there, take above, I always wanted to be an editor. On impudence and nonsense of young years I thought that if I have enough glance to distinguish literature from pisulyatina already the editor is also ready. It - we print! It - in a basket! Also I sit, such all from myself important and significant, and I sow, I sow, I sow both reasonable, and kind and so on. Did not leave! Why, - I wonder, - Yes all because the editor is more than the author, not in the plan human, and in the plan creative. Suicide it, whatever one may do. There are no ingenious authors who became editors and after created something worthy the world. But there are ingenious editors whose names are forgotten, but only thanks to them the world also knows what is genius. Editors of this world and subjects wander about a knife blade (in any case an edge, a minefield and other metaphors) - on an edge of the destiny the fact that they do not count on popularity unlike us, " at all is more valuable; experts and healers . And well, give offhand. Who knows the editors who published great lines of eternity? Not tuzhtes. Experts know. We on the whole - do not know. And it is also the feat, much more valuable, than author`s. All authors (true authors) live contrary to public consciousness, public opinion, and especially contrary to the state. On the state place I it microbe as Petrovich, crushed immediate still vaccination would do in the form of an anathema, and I - on you, am living and even still I podtyavkivat something there.

Stop, Petrovich and how councils? The name of the magazine obliges. Pat-a-cake! Here paradoxical council - a parable: One by one we - force! In total together - herd ! And if there are kind souls in this world who partially protect us from a knife of system, then these are editors. Honor to them and praise!

However, among editors too full - is full of fools and timeservers, not about them the speech. Toothless to you editorial editing, colleague!