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What is Easter Eggs?

this phrase are translated Into Russian as Easter eggs however, in this material about eggs I will not speak. In the computer environment the such phrase is used for any counters which developers hided in the programs, or for games.

Practically always in a look Easter eggs developers expose the names, but only every time differently. Sometimes it is the non-standard picture, sometimes an animation animated cartoon with names of creators.

I will try to tell in this material to you that are stored in Vindovs.

So, we will begin with a solitaire " Kerchief;. When you are handed over three cards, holding Ctrl, Alt and Shift, you will be able to remove according to one card. Agree, it is a little similar on mukhlyozh, but nevertheless - a counter of developers.

Further in line logical game Sapper . Begin game not important on what field, and then at the same time press two buttons of a mouse. On the screen the square 33 has to appear. It was pleasant? Now press still Esc, and hours in game will stop. That to return everything on the places, just minimize and restore a window.

Now we pass to a desktop. Right-click, select the " item; " Properties; and then in prompt " pipeline;. Then pass in " Parameters; also put a type of the " connection there; mixed . Now include a screensaver and you look attentively. Occasionally pipes happen in the form of a scalded teapot.

Meanwhile you do not leave prompts. Later, that as you will admire the pipeline, you can choose Volume text and in " Parameters; to try to replace the text, by default, with Volcano. You watch what turned out.

Now we open a notebook, we write in it and we save the file under the name test. htm. Now we open the saved file by means of an explorer and we look at names of developers. By the way. It is so possible and be kidding over somebody.

I think, at everyone on the computer WINRar and therefore in versions from 2 is established. 50 you, having made which - what actions, you will be able to see how books fall. It is very simple to make it. Come into the " menu; Reference select the " item now; About the " program; click on an icon with books now, and they will fall.

And now, passing to a photoshop though, as well as WINRar, it is not included in the standard package of Vindovs. But nevertheless. You press at the same time Ctrl, Alt and Shift, and then you come into the Help|About Photoshop menu. Now before your eyes quite unusual picture and, besides, the list of developers appeared.

However, on it it was possible not to stop as such surprises are practically in each program and each game, but it would be impossible to list all of them, I wanted to stop on the most popular - I hope, I managed it. Now, playing vindovsky games, it is possible and to look at something: I here, being run on material, saw that the solitaire " passed; Soliter . Having pressed at the same time Shift, Ctrl and F10, look what deal will be, and here if to press F3 and to choose deals - 1 and - 2, then before eyes quite unusual combination will appear.

Successful to you games and findings of new Easter Eggs!