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Virtual communication - most environmentally friendly ?

Billions of hours totally in the world are spent for virtual communication by means of the most different systems - from mobile SMS to mass chats. Young people get acquainted, make a proposal of marriage, hang out, just stir - and all this at long distances from each other, sometimes for thousands of kilometers. But whether it is possible to call the virtual by the natural meeting place usual, real, people?

What this communication when long you type each word? - will tell many. Anything similar! - frequenters of the virtual object. - Well put typewriting not much more slowly than the speech, but it is not so full verbal garbage, and then the virtual word - a sparrow who can be caught to clean to it plumelets! Unless it is possible to call live communication if it is impossible to catch neither nuances of intonation, nor expression of eyes of the interlocutor?! - opponents of similar technical revolution are not appeased.

Actually there is a set of indisputable advantages of virtual communication in comparison with usual. There are examples:

independent communication with different people and different groups in real time. our

B corporal lives constantly we face with involuntary rapprochement of trajectories of motion of bodies simply speaking - eternally someone is stirred our talk. For example, you at last remained indoors one with the girl, but only managed to open a mouth - as your friend enters and begins cheerful conversation. At the same time there is no opportunity to let know to the friend irrelevance of his emergence, neither to show the door it for a door, nor to give though some sign to the girl that he wanted to tell it something important, but his speech is transferred. In virtual chats you communicate on the channel where there is both your girl, and the friend, and other people and at the same time leave to it in privat, - at the same time visitors of the channel can not guess it. It is possible to talk at the same time on several general channels and in different privata; in the first case (on what channels you are) it is found others, in the second case - no. Figuratively speaking your soul soars where you will wish it, without feeling either the gravity, or inertia.

emotionally - the semantic clearness of messages.

In usual life we deal with the emotions which are expressed through a mimicry or intonation. But sometimes it is necessary to guess - joyfully whether your interlocutor smiles, whether speaks maliciously, whether the rage is hidden behind his ulybochka, or - it was just twisted from pain, having sat down on a nail. The monkey can smile brilliant teeth also, but it is not known at all that at her at the same time on mind.

In the virtual world are already widespread the designations of certain emotional states which are making out messages - smilies . So if you read Really? :) it means that speaking it is ready certainly kindly whereas Really?;) contains obvious mistrust, and Really? :( - discontent. So far the system emotionally - semantic designations is not perfect, but hundreds and thousands of the most various smilies - from " are thought already up; Kolobok - the boxer (as if expressing determination in dispute) to the yawning animation mug expressing absolute indifference to the events.

purity of texts.

our conversations (especially in the big companies) are usually littered with unnecessary interjections, bad words, flood (verbosity). Often it irritates, prevents to talk normally. In many chats or forums the " systems are installed; anti-flood watching that users did not fill the channel with senseless posts and povtorizm and for use of abusive words it is possible to obtain Bang - disqualification.

There is also a set of other features of virtual communication which allow to speak with confidence: it is pure communication of human souls, behind it the future!