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Where to store files in the Network?

For certain you sometime wanted to keep in the Network, for example, a couple of files and to distribute to the acquaintances of the reference for their downloading. I speak about such files as, for example, the pleasant song or the small video, or perhaps the program or the document. You for certain not strongly want to store all files on a mailbox or on a free hosting, at the same time creating though some website? So?

Therefore in this article I would like to tell you about those websites which can provide the space for storage of any material. It is a pity only, it is not enough free websites, but if to pay, then not so there is a lot of.

So, we will start. I will begin with the most popular file hoster - www. rapidshare. com. Recently this website was in the German domain zone, but as at it it is more than enough of popularity, it was necessary to get over on a new hosting.

On this service you will be able to download the file up to 300 megabytes in size, but these are today`s data. Over time this figure will increase, and, I think, soon the file size for downloading will make about 500 MB.

Except paid services, on slow motion exist also free, however, using it, you will be able to leave only one temporary downloading on the server. And it on the expiration of 30 days will be removed.

Therefore many work, so to speak, in group, and buy one premium - the account for two or three. I will not tell the sum of payment - advertizing. But I will note that the premium - the account can store a huge number of files and if the volume of downloading is more than 10 thousand MB, then to you will free of charge prolong the account for a month.

I say at once that if you need to download only couple of files a month, then there are enough also free access, as at first for the necessary term, for example, 15 days, you will be able to throw one file, and then having removed it, the next 15 days to download another.

Except slow motion there is a huge number of other file storages into which you will be able to throw information, necessary for you. You know, such service is very convenient, especially, if you need to keep several hundreds of files in the Network, and you will leave somewhere, then in every spot on the globe you will be able to download the necessary file.

There was a wish to note such resource as files still. runet. ru. The first feature of this service is that at it period of storage of information is unlimited, however, the size of the file should not exceed more than 40 megabytes. The second plus is a lack of advertizing. You represent, any banners with subjects - buy, sell, exchange. It not only will accelerate circulation on the server, but also visually perception, that is, accent - on useful links. The only shortcoming - this service is designed only for visitors with the Russian IP.

You know, I still very much liked two websites. Not in respect of their functionality, and the name. You watch what turns out if to put their one behind one. Zalil. ru, Slil. ru. What wants to be noted about them, so it the high speed of downloading. They correspond to the name.

And in conclusion I will stop on one more giant - it is yousendit. com. Service is allocated with nothing special, but here - shines with the volume of the stored file. Here it is possible to leave files with a capacity up to 1 gigabyte. Now you can push here everything that it is necessary for soul. This service by something reminded me a peculiar flash card on the Internet. Filled in and forgot as it is definitely not necessary to look at the size of files.

I want to finish with words of the same services. Fill in and leak information necessary to you!