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What is Riders the Digest?

happened to write me scientific work Recently and during preparation for it I got acquainted with such edition as Riders Digest . Than it is useful, you ask, I also will answer right now you.

I will begin with the fact that at this edition now circulation more than 28 million copies and is published the magazine in 170 countries of the world in seventeen languages. The magazine became popular not only in the small cities, but in such as New - York and San - Frantsisko.

If to speak about specifics of the edition, then the magazine specializes on short residue from translated materials and articles of other mass media, and also small informative messages. Before the reader all palette of headings which were only possible to be captured opens. It and political news, different biographies and stories, dates of last or future events, assumptions of people, the analyst, scandals and incidents both all and it on pages of one edition.

As you already understood, this magazine has just mad popularity, but nevertheless let`s return to its sources. Everything began with how David Wallace, his founder, in 1907 expelled from college. He was engaged the whole year in nothing and then nevertheless could enter the Californian university. Though from there it was excluded.

Not to go idle, he went to the uncle to a farm. Exactly there he also began to read diligent and when he got over in Saint - Paul, settled to work as the printer. Literally later it took few months that farmers for whom it printed announcements have no idea of advantage of other materials of the newspaper, and he decided to publish the brochure in which the best publications of the last years would be collected. You do not represent, the success long did not keep itself waiting. It was succeeded to sell 100 thousand copies.

Then war began, and Wallace on it lost many relatives and itself was repeatedly wounded. It was put in hospital. There he got acquainted with the American magazines, and origin " began here; Riders Digest . From time to time Wallace rewrote articles from editions which came to hand, and tried to reduce them considerably.

After treatment he in 1919 could return to the States and there began to be engaged in reduction of someone else`s compositions. Then published the collection which received the name Riders Digest . Its child escaped outside. It distributed the booklet in different editions, hoping though someone to interest.

From the very beginning refused to it. And always. It was already lowered hands, but here, one of media magnates William Randolph Hurst, the editor of the magazine Goode Hauskiping (Good Housekeeping) nevertheless though became interested in his idea, but too refused. He reasoned the refusal with the fact that the such edition will be able to attract only 300000 subscribers, and for it it is not enough.

Wallace was not upset and by means of the wife began to publish collections of this sort, finding subscribers in clinics, schools, monasteries. From this point the skating rink at last moved. And by 1992 it could let out the first volume Riders Digest . In it there were only 62 pages and any advertizing. By the way, the magazine followed this rule about advertizing thirty three years.

In three years the rating of the magazine began to grow, and with an incredible speed. In 1925 it made 16 thousand, and in four years already of 200 thousand. In 20 years when the rating of the edition became very high, it began to publish books in which published the reduced works of art.

But, being engaged in advance of the child, Wallace became skilled in such advertizing schemes as direct marketing. He distributed to the potential subscribers personal letters, directly in hands, communicated with them confidentially as the old friend. A sin was not to use it, having a little changed the initial principles how you consider?

And now successors of its business send the same penetrating letters on what well to subscribe on Riders Digest only for some reason not because it such good and interesting but because then it will be possible to take part in draws with unknown prizes (from 28 million subscribers prizes are won by 28). And here, to addresses, received from open sources and actually, bought by the whole databases, letters fly, such beautiful garbage with promises and a skillful enticement - spam, our way

Now " pours in mailboxes; Riders Digest - this largest the digest - the edition around the world. In it is mute so various information is collected, tells about it at least it 100 - million group of readers. So I advise to find the website of this edition in the Internet and more often to visit him. However, it in English therefore who does not know language, you learn, there is so much interesting information.