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What is briquettes and whether it is worth carrying them?

the Beautiful smile - the key to success and self-confidence! Breketa`s

, in the « language; ordinary person are the metal or ceramic skobochka pasted by special solution to each tooth and drawn by a delay, all this is regulated, tightened and levels teeth. There are still various   options; - internal briquettes which it is not visible, transparent and so on, but these features much more expensively. Let`s touch upon the subject usual metal systems which are most available at the price to our population.

The cost of such pleasure from 300 c.u. for one jaw above, watching in what city and in what country you live, there is no top limit of cost probably, and suddenly you want platinum briquettes with pastes:)

was Recently very fashionable to carry briquettes. And now the youth quite often sparkles metal. All want equal teeth, fast put a briquette - system and what then?

Whether you know that it is necessary to carry briquettes not less than a year? Even if your teeth were leveled, you should resemble with system on teeth. At least, time of alignment is equal to fixing time. That is, if your teeth were leveled in a year, you should carry them about a year more. As for expenses, replacement of an arch (delay) which needs to be changed every month as teeth are leveled is not always included

in the installation price and it needs to be corrected.

And there is more to come. After you remove them, nobody guarantees that your teeth will not become on the place and will not begin to move again, only already in the opposite direction. Therefore after you spent time for carrying a briquette - systems, about 5 - 6 more months it is necessary to carry an internal plate - a small delay from the inside of teeth which will not allow them to disperse, or to a cap - the plastic feature which puts on for the night on teeth and as it was already told above, does not allow them to disperse. Cost of these things too is not included in the installation price a briquette - systems.

At what age put briquettes? I can apply them at any age, at least, so my stomatologist told. But, than you are more senior, time of alignment of your teeth, and respectively, carrying time a briquette - systems will longer be that.

If you have not just curve teeth, and still they could not be moved, stir wisdom teeth, or something not so with a jaw or a bite, to you can extract excess tooth, or make some cuts. On two chewing teeth, are those which are located closer to wisdom teeth, stretch metal frames on which all system keeps.

Breketa do not act for the night or when you brush teeth if you established them, then it before the removal. You should sleep with them, during a dream they will disturb and to press in a cheek. At the beginning of carrying gums can bleed, and teeth will ache as they move. Over time it passes.

Also do not forget if you carry briquettes, you should not eat everything, especially on the street. Try to eat at home and after each meal to brush teeth and briquettes. I do not think that it will be pleasant to you to smile if you think that in your teeth something could get stuck, especially pieces of meat or greens, it is better to avoid it:) Also I recommend not to use nuts, chewing gum, any the firm and hammered into teeth food as the return installation of the disappeared briquette will cost you kopek.

Whether it is worth carrying them? Already to solve it to you. You are ready to give 2 years of life on special careful care of teeth? And then still some time to control process? If yes, that forward, level and smile.

How many to you was years, result is worth it. After all these inconveniences you receive equal teeth, and will be able to smile how many want.

All information is taken only from own experience, and answers of doctors to my questions. Maybe somewhere there everything occurs in a different way...

of Good luck to you more smiles around :)