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Why to leave off smoking? Five arguments in favor of the first step.

If you read this article, then it means that you already thought of the smoking termination. The first step to overcoming of an addiction - your firm decision to throw or even an oath to itself. But before beginning the movement, the person has to be convinced that he is on the right track. I bring to your attention five reasons which can become the basis for the first step.

1. You will be able longer to live if you give up smoking right now.

It agrees medical research the person pays dearly for a habit to smoke very much, about seven - ten years of life. Of course, nobody can know for certain that he happens tomorrow. Nobody can control all factors influencing our life. But, despite it, the person can and has to do everything depending on him to live long and happy life. You cannot prevent wound as a result of any natural disaster, but you can prevent the death from the dangerous disease caused by smoking.

2. Smoking does not do you more abruptly. Many people begin to smoke

, imitating someone, under someone`s pressure or for other social reasons. A few years ago it was just fashionable to smoke, among teenagers to smoke meant to be more abruptly than friends. But today it not so. Recently it is not fashionable to smoke any more. The smoker does not look in the opinion of people around an authority. On the contrary, smoking in the public place causes negative attitude of people around. The smoke and an unpleasant smell from a mouth is pleasant to people less. Try to kiss the ashtray full of stubs, and you will understand people around. You watch the attitude towards yourself of people, perhaps, it will help you to take the first step.

3. Your behavior - an example for your children.

If you think that smoking is an addiction, but cannot throw it, think what example you set the children. All of us want that they were better and happier than us. The most effective way to teach children is a personal example. If in a family nobody smokes, your children have less chances to light. Think of the future and health of the children, the parental love will help also you.

4. Smoking influences your sportswear and results.

If you love sport, then you well know how endurance is important. Smoking prevents your respiratory system to supply a body with oxygen effectively. If you need sports results, time to put cigarettes on a regiment came.

5. Passive smoking harms people around.

the Tobacco smoke from your cigarettes harms all family members and just the people who are near you. It is unambiguously proved that passive smoking is the reason of many diseases non-smoking. For this reason smoking is forbidden even more often in public places. If you leave off smoking today, you protect from many troubles of the family. You love them?

There are a lot more arguments in favor of refusal of smoking. But even these five reasons can quite become the basis for the first step which will help you to live long, healthy and happy life. If you love the children, the family if your destiny and destinies of people around is not indifferent for you - decide. In total in your hands.