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Whether it is possible to communicate with the embittered people normally?

Are unconditional, rage is a sin some kind of. But I, for example, do not know people who at least once in life were not angry. In surrounding reality there are a lot of external and internal factors which can anger. If you, for example, endure any disappointment, maybe, are in a stressful situation, probability to become angry from scratch much above. In a normal, quiet state you, maybe, also did not notice someone`s impoliteness, simply would be developed and left, but, being in negatively - emotional mood, you will be angry rather! And it is normal, it is the response of an organism to any action. But, having teased, having complained to someone, it is better to forget.

Unfortunately, some cannot forget! And the rage is saved, and you can soon notice that friends ignore, colleagues avoid personal contact, relatives talk heart-to-heart less. And all why? Because your living position - all bad, and I am angry - bothered them. Nobody will want to communicate with the embittered person who is not seeing more, than he wants.

Once the possibility of acquaintance to one young family was presented to me. At first it seemed that it is harmonious, happy, amicable couple. But when I remained alone with the wife, we began to communicate - and I did not hear any good word (I do not mean lexicon) to someone or something. I did not begin to draw categorical conclusions, having thought that the person, maybe, was tired, maybe, something disturbs her and as we are not close girlfriends, says what collected, but a little in the veiled form. Though I, of course, would never begin to complain to hardly familiar person.

Next time we communicated together with her spouse. And it it pecked for everything and at all! And he not so eats, not so sits, not that speaks... (and I thought also it not that and not for you, then why you together at all...) He tried to translate everything for fun, but it only brought her! After several such meetings I stopped communication with it. And, meeting them where - nibud, constantly I observe a picture - claims from its party. There is an impression that the person has nothing good in life!

Ya still I can understand grandmothers and grandfathers, or people with difficult destiny who, maybe, passed war which life does not favor ... Many psychological forces are necessary to continue to live, rejoice, but not to turn the life into something pathetic and plaintive. Unfortunately, not all have enough forces. Their relatives, friends - it can help them as nobody needs care and love. But why so often we meet the young people - embittered, offended for the whole world!? here stepped aside

Ya or maybe could help, open for it not only what she wants to see, and what is actually. But I was pushed away also that she speaks without any respect and about me! She takes liberties, inserts some spiteful comments, jokes... Though she does not know me at all how person. And I was not surprised, probably, she really does not love all!

To help the loved one to get rid of rage for the whole world all of us - is able. It is simple to talk, place more often emphases on positive. In any bad it is possible to find GOOD. it is unconditional, he will argue, insist on the return, but will sometime hear you.

With unfamiliar Yes, it is more difficult. We cannot communicate with all on light! But I once, sat in policlinic in kilometer turn, and there a solid hour the granny another complained that the grandson offends her that doctors wore out on offices that pension small that the daughter turned out a cat and other. I did not bear and approached. Also told, what remarkable hat at it that there is not enough pension for all, but it does not matter that hair of a cat can cause the most severe allergy at its age, and the grandson will grow up soon and will understand what remarkable grandmother at it! That is, turned everything and showed in what there can be pluses. Also you know, she began to smile. I know that sometimes there is a bigger squall of negative emotions at the senior generation - type, we understand nothing, and in general all of us are bad But then it became pleasant to me, let though today, I thought, the grandmother will not be angry, and will smile

Of course, this personal record of everyone how to treat the embittered people. It is simpler to someone to leave aside, having buried in the phone, and it is simple to someone to smile and tell a couple of kind words. And, maybe, the person will reconsider the living position Certainly, it is impossible to bring everything under one line, it is impossible to solve all problems, having only smiled! The rage arises not from scratch, it arises for some reason... And when we will see in what the reason, maybe, will be found also the solution...

of Good luck to you is also kind!