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What do we know about genocide against the Armenian population in Turkey? Day on April 24 Armenia always expects

with special sincere awe. In this people come to churches to honor memory of those who were torn to pieces by Turks during the long period, from the middle 70 - x years of the 19th century and for 1923. With withdrawal of liberation Russian army from east regions of Turkey when the western Armenians appeared in private with threat of full destruction.

and is called on April 24 - Day of memory of genocide of Armenians.

It was their earth. They appeared here from time immemorial. And not always this territory belonged to Turks. But they were intolerant of those who live nearby. Especially it amplified after Turkey got beaten in war of 1877 - 1878. Descendants the Janissar vented all the aggression on people of belief alien to them - Armenians - Christians.

By different estimates lived to 2,5 million Armenians here. Civilians who did not want the evil to anybody were the most part it. But it did not stop barbarians at all!

The first the blow in December, 1876 was assumed by residents of the cities of Ania and Van. These cities underwent mass robberies and murders. For example, Van`s inhabitants were attacked at two o`clock in the morning when security troops of Turks instead of constraining an impact of fanatics, suddenly joined them. Huge crowd, having armed with axes, with torches in hands began to carry the Armenian benches and houses, the market in which Armenians traded. Spiritual leaders of Armenians tried to rise in defense of the flock, but they were brutally beaten by Turks.

So riots began. For 1880 - x in many cities of Turkey, in the Western Armenia the wave of criminal acts against the Armenian population did not stop. Captures of property, earth, murder of civilians. Only in actions of genocide of 1894 - 96 not less than 300 thousand Armenians became the victims; thousands of Armenians were violently turned into Islam, thousands left the homeland and dissipated over the different countries. Only in three days of slaughter in Constantinople on August 14 - 16, 1896 died, by different estimates, from 5000 to 8700 people.

The next eight years were very difficult for the Ottoman Empire. The power of the sultan seemed so fragile that in Europe started talking about disintegration of the empire. Several clans including " fought for supremacy in society at once; mladoturka . Armenians pinned great expectations on strengthening of their influence. For the period of repression weakened. But euphoria lasted very not for long. The mutiny lifted by the sultan`s supporters on March 31, 1909 in Constantinople coincided with a new wave of the anti-Armenian riots in Cilicia. A slaughter result in Cilicia - 30000 dead. Many researchers hold the opinion that mladoturka were organizers of slaughter.

From the beginning of World War I, and Turkey entered it on October 29, 1914 on side of Germany, pressure upon Christians amplified even more. In - the first, jihad against England, France and Russia was declared. And in - the second, Armenians without any court and a consequence began to be accused of espionage activity in favor of Russia and in general ceased to stand on ceremony with them.

In February, 1915 the Minister of War Enver gave the order on extermination of the Armenians serving in the Turkish army (in the fall of 1914 about 60 thousand Armenians were called up for the Turkish military service). This order was executed with unprecedented cruelty.

at the beginning of summer of 1915 began mass deportation of the Armenian population to the deserts of Entre Rios. And, in the beginning men were separated from women and children and at the first opportunity dealt shortly with them. Women and children were sent further: on the way many perished for hunger and diseases. Columns constantly were attacked by Kurds so only a few units reached the destination.

Most often repressions were carried out for the purpose of a profit. The property of Armenians was plundered by local authorities, gendarmes and neighbors - Muslims. But so proceeded not for long - mladoturka entered the strict accounting of stolen. The part of property was distributed to performers of slaughter, the part was on sale at auctions, proceeds were allocated to Constantinople to Ittikhad`s leaders.

And though to Europe was not to situation in East Turkey at all, but diplomats of almost all countries did not cease to report about atrocities of Turks in relation to Armenians. It compelled mladoturok to care. In what it was expressed? To reporters forbade to photograph bodies of the killed!

Unless such measures could stop a slaughter? In the spring of 1916 in connection with a difficult situation on all fronts of a mladoturka make the decision to accelerate process of destruction of the Armenian population. There is already not enough of fact that thousands of Armenians daily perish in deserts for hunger and diseases: now slaughter continues and there. At the same time Turks did not want to pass any international organization which set before itself the purpose to help refugees.

From a set of evidence of ruthless punishment, I chose only one. It testimonies of one Persian carrying ammunition for Turks. Get a grasp of these lines: Once, in June, 1915 when I drove up to Hotursky Bridge, before my eyes the tremendous show appeared. The infinite quantity of human corpses filled 12 flights of the big bridge, having dammed the river so that it changed a current and ran past the bridge... From the bridge to Dzhinis all road was filled up with corpses of old men, women and children... .

If to speak in general, then as a result of the genocide of Armenians which is carried out by mladoturka in 1915 - 16. 1,5 million people died, about 600 thousand Armenians became refugees - they dissipated over many countries of the world.

We had to write this article together with Ashot Gareginyan from Yerevan.

Something did not turn out. But I all the same wrote to Ashot the poem. I hope, it will not leave indifferent none of readers of the website.

The tear

A mother rolled down the God`s cavity of the Face

Human, having gone mad from is dashing,

Closed to krovinka eyes

The Lord Nash, for what him, innocent, by

With a likhva it is measured torments?!

Inhale a life spark warm - Take

my tormented spirit!

For what?! Yes for sanctity and belief!

For a cross the Orthodox Christian of fathers!

For the fact that in a sort they, for example,

were not known iud, rascals!

For the fact that did not want to leave

the worshipped, ancient earth

of the Head was not inclined in a sight,

Loved the sort as they could

of their life did not sink Into oblivion!

their force stores Ararat!

I the fact that we remember they are

more expensive to them any awards