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Vegetosyroyedeniye: as well as with what it is eaten?

Such term definitely are though Word actively emphasizes it. Well it does not like this word and all here! On the one hand, too it is not pleasant to my parents, and here with another - not really - that also strains. And so it in general pleases me: the dishes should not be washed, frying pans stand nearby, saucepans - one in another, in kitchen purity and an order It is asked: and why a plate bought? And then also bought that else knew nothing

Ya I love experiments, and also a healthy lifestyle. I try to conduct it always and everywhere: I do not drink, I do not smoke, I play sports and yoga. But all the same I constantly lacked something. And over time I understood: I lack love to the healthy and healthy nutrition. Also went a diet for a diet: kremlevka, fasting days, seven-day week, macrobiotic But all was not that and not so. And here I found what looked for already nearly 5 years. Vegetosyroyedeny .

The vegetarian I became more than a year ago: just stopped eating meat, dairy products, eggs and all. As cut off. And the health from it only improved, the mood rose, and PMS almost disappeared. But all the same sometimes I regaled on the baked fish or crabsticks, understanding that in the last not especially there are a lot of useful substances.

And recently I will come across article: Secret of youth and fine body Demi Moore: rawism! . Was interested I it very much and very strongly. Got, naturally, into the Internet. Oblaziv a heap of the websites (on one some was not to find all information), I drew conclusions which I made in the power supply system and which I want to share with you. That all whom it will interest did not need to ransack in boundless open spaces of the World wide web. So, we will break.

1. In what the rawism consists? (" prefix; vegeto we will lower so far. And it is so clear what it means).

Consists it in absolute simplicity: you eat exclusively crude food. Yes, stewed vegetables do not belong to a rawism at all. And here apples, a morkovochka and others make nearly 95% of a diet of a syroyed. Other 5% are given to nuts (the chief supplier of protein) and dried fruits which are also resolved. In principle, everything is very simple, but there is quite reasonable question: why in the world where the food is one of the main pleasures, so to torment the organism? Well, it for whom to torment and for whom to treat ! Literally!

2. What requires a rawism?

to overcome many illnesses in itself. Yes, quite so. Our organism - the self-recovering system, but this process treatments from within it is started only when we begin to observe laws of the nature. And to understand laws of the nature, it is necessary to remember, as well as than there lived a person in dotsivilizatsionny period. Correctly: the very first action - collecting. Then already hunting came (to you nobody forbids to eat crude meat and fish). Nuts, vegetables, fruit, berries, medical - here what the person since the most beginning of existence ate. And at all not Snickerses chips or croutons.

3. Who became the founder of such theory?

If to begin to look for rawism sources, then we steadily will come to yoga. But for medical science the Swiss doctor M. Bikher - Benner became the founder of the doctrine about salutary force to crude vegetable food. In the book Treatment Bases food on the basis of power left in 1914, he wrote:

The people who are eating only fruit, korenye, nuts, vegetables and refused any cooking on fire, so-called syroyeda use perfect health and full working capacity, so, the nature did not put either meat, or culinary art by necessary conditions of human food .

Thus, I found last making a healthy lifestyle for itself: rawism. Already more than a month I follow all recommendations and I feel perfectly. At once I will tell for critics: specially passed inspection - results of all analyses normal. And I ceased to have chronic cold and uncountable allergies.

It agrees, it is difficult, but only at the beginning. Gradually you join and you begin to feel that the vegetosyroyedeniye helps to feel and look on perfectly !

of Good luck all and kind health!