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How to behave at a meeting with a snake?

in the territory of the CIS live about 55 species of snakes. Only vipers, practically all their versions, and also Eph, a shchitomordnik, a gyurza and a cobra are dangerous to the person. Uzhi, the medical Yankee and a poloza have no poisonous glands and therefore they are absolutely harmless.

Myths. It only in Hollywood huge anacondas perfidiously pursue all without discrimination Americans. The snake NEVER ATTACKS the FIRST! These are quite peace and beautiful inhabitants of our planet. Lightning throws (cobra, for example). Remember Kipling. There the mongoose quite successfully resisted to a snake. By the way, our polecats - too quick guys and too wishes to hunt on snakes. And prompt throw a viper does not exceed, as a rule, a quarter of its length that equals to only 15 - 25 centimeters.

The conflict between a snake and the person , as a rule, arises because of the person. The snake will bite only for self-defense if on it to come or take unawares. That it did not occur, it is necessary to follow some of very simple rules. If you noticed a snake, do not try to catch her, to pursue or kill (for what? Only for the fact that you are afraid of it?) and it will quietly disappear. Try to move not silently - having heard your steps, the snake will creep away, and you will not even know that it was nearby.

Who risks to be more bitten. Most of all in such " risk group; people get to the field and on bogs since the arable land and the mossy soil about bogs suppress steps. The snake can just not hear you. Collectors of berries also have a certain percent of risk because, unlike mushroom pickers, move slowly and quietly. Cases when the snake crept to tourists in tent or a sleeping bag are known to get warm. If you appeared in such situation, then do not do sharp movements, you have a chance at a short distance to admire a reptile. Later short time of a dragon itself will creep away, without having done you absolutely any harm.

If collision did not manage to be avoided , and it happens. For example, vipers like to get warm in a sunny weather on foozles. At this moment they lose vigilance - you can incidentally frighten it, and then the sting is almost guaranteed. It is not necessary to give in to panic: you have enough time and means. At first try to understand who bit you, it can be also a nonpoisonous individual. Venomous and nonpoisonous snakes differ in the fact that at poisonous the pupil of an eye is located vertically and has oblong shape. At already on the head two yellow spots.

Symptoms of a sting of a venomous snake. Emergence of reddening in the field of a sting, around a wound appears a big tumor, the health sharply worsens, the headache develops, body temperature sharply rises. In most cases there is vomiting.

What to do? Most often the sting is the share of extremities, usually legs therefore to suck away poison from a wound to lower intoxication, you will be able hardly. Besides, this method is effective only if you apply it during one - two seconds from the moment of a sting, but the received shock and a condition of a stupor or panic will take away from you these precious remains of time. In such situation most optimum to impose a plait. The bitten extremity has to lie not movably and the victim has to be in lying, quiet situation that blood in an organism circulated as it is possible more slowly. It is also useful to drink diuretic, tea or infusion in order that the part of poison left an organism in the natural way. If is not present diuretic, then just drink a lot of water.


Not only it is not recommended to b, and it is most strictly forbidden in this situation since any alcohol expands vessels, and poison will be soaked up in an organism much more intensively.

By and large if to speak about vipers, then their sting, at observance of these simple rules, is not life-threatening the person. Anyway it is necessary to address to medical institution that to you gave an injection of antidotal serum.

Conclusion. do not provoke the conflict, and it will not arise!