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Who such promoters and how to become one of them?

Hello! Today in our shop the action takes place. Upon purchase of packing of yogurts you receive a magnet for the refrigerator as a gift .

Familiarly, isn`t it? You, probably, repeatedly met nice and sociable young people in shops and on city streets. And it is unimportant that they suggest - to buy yogurt, to try a new grade of tea or give a cream sampler. Sense of their work same - they help producers to sell goods, pushing us to purchase commission. They work as promoters.

The promoter - the worker who carries out an action of stimulation of sales (tells about goods, distributes free samples, stimulates purchases). ( Infantry of marketing troops A. V. Tsaryov).

the Promoter is an ideal work for students. are obvious to

of Advantage:

1. A quite good increase to a grant. Payment at promoters hourly. Dispersion very big, depending on the city, complexity of an action, a product and working conditions. On average about 100 rubles an hour. If you possess model appearance, then, working at exhibitions and the VIP - actions, can earn also to 500 rubles

2. Experience of communication. Welcome, no other profession will teach you to find so easily a common language with any person. Agree, it is not so simple to start talking to the stranger. But once you pass couple of trainings (it is an indispensable element of work) - and you already the genius of skill to communicate.

3. New acquaintances. Working as the promoter, you will get many new friends. Before each action promoters gather all and seldom it is necessary to work at the action alone.

4. Career start. If you resolved to do career in marketing and advertizing, then the promoter - ideal work for you. You can be noticed in that agency where you work and to invite to work in office. Anyway, you gain knowledge, useful to you, and contacts.

So, you decided that this work - the fact that it is necessary for you.

But whether you here are suitable for it? Contrary to ordinary opinion, in promoters take not only people with appearance a top - models. If you are charming and watch yourself - it is much more important. But main requirement, of course, skill to communicate. And though subsequently you should be trained, but to the modest and clamped person at such work not the place.

Now in each city a huge number of advertizing agencies. And promoters are required practically in everyone. Therefore it is enough to you to find the necessary phone in the reference book only. Contacts of the largest agencies can be found in the Internet, for example, on the website of the Russian association of marketing services.

After a call by all means will invite you to interview, there is a lot of persons interested, and it is necessary to choose the most worthy.

On interview it is necessary to remember the basic rules: should not put on and be painted with

it is too elaborate and is vulgar;

it is necessary to behave most naturally;

not to be silent, answer all questions and to set the;

to smile! you Remember

, estimate, first of all, your ability to communicate with people, including ability to be pleasant to the interlocutor.

in case of interviewing wait for you trainings . On them you will be in detail told what work of the promoter consists in how to draw attention of the stranger. And, above all, you will teach to communicate.

But even interviewing and all trainings does not guarantee receiving work. The agency has many projects. But it is even more promoters. Therefore before each project the casting is arranged .

A casting - selection procedure promo - personnel for work on an action. Represents pass - the presentation of candidates for work on an action. ( Infantry of marketing troops A. V. Tsaryov).

Should not be afraid of a casting, the manager of agency will prepare you for it - will tell about the client, about a product and about the action. You need everything only well to remember and subsequently to show all the charm.

And now when all behind - both interviews, and trainings, and a casting - you waits for your first working day! Progress to you!