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What was Nicholas II?

Nicholas II, the Russian emperor and the autocrat, was born on May 6 in day of the St. martyr Job the Long-Suffering. The emperor considered himself in something with him similar. Both on character, and on the acts Nicolay was a pure, decent person, except for his torrid love affair with the famous Russian ballerina Matilda Cshesinscaya whom he loved till the marriage on the princess Alice Gessenskaya (Alix). To it he had the first serious feeling which he carried by all life up to cruel execution in Ipatyev`s house on July 17, 1918 of

They for the first time met in St. Petersburg in 1884 at a wedding of elder sister Alix Ella Gessenskaya the grand duke Sergey Aleksandrovich. She was 12 years old, to it - 16. Alix spent 6 weeks in St. Petersburg. Later Nicolay wrote: I dream to marry Alix G sometime. I love it long ago, but is especially deep and strong since 1889 .

In 1894. the emperor Alexander III and his spouse Maria Fyodorovna executed a cherished dream of the son. Orthodoxy, but all - was necessary long to persuade to accept Alice, loving Nicolay, she agreed to change belief.

On October 20, 1894 the emperor Alexander III died. The loving son took death of the father hard, but a heavy funeral did not prevent to take place to Nicolay and Alice`s magnificent wedding which was named Aleksandra Fiodorovna. On the occasion of mourning there was no reception and a honeymoon trip. After a ceremony the imperial couple moved to Anichkov Palace.

Spring of 1895 Nicolay transported the wife to Tsarskoye Selo. Spouses were happy. The young emperor was more exemplary family man, than the statesman. Quirky ministers constantly deceived him, and his uncle, the grand duke Nicolay Nikolaevich, constantly intrigued against it, hoping for revolution implementation. Especially the conflict after the beginning of World War I escalated.

Nicolay led more than modest life. Without demanding anything for itself, he directed all efforts to a family and the state which as it seemed to it, he ruled. Usually the emperor got up at seven in the morning and began to work in the office, without secretary. Perhaps, the aspiration to loneliness also ruined it as politician: he did not interfere with intrigues, did not look for supporters. And whether it was necessary for it?

The fact that a certain monk Abel predicted to Paul I all history of House of Romanovs up to Nicholas II (" is interesting; the tsar who will replace a crown imperial with a crown of thorns ) . Impressionable Paul I sealed up Abel`s works, and told that he wishes that they were opened by his descendant in hundred years after his death. What Nicolay also made after crowning. The man sustained news that he is the last emperor of House of Romanovs with firmness, without resistance. Perhaps, these can also explain its inaction throughout all kingdom.

The imperial couple was accused in many respects, especially got to unfortunate Alice who during World War I was christened German spy though then worked for Germany a floor - Russia, in particular, sotsiat - democratic party which was divided on " by then; Bolsheviks and Mensheviks . Actually Nicolay distributed all the property to the poor, actively helped during world war by the wounded and to their families, made many trips around the cities of Russia. His wife together with the girlfriend A. A. Vyrubova worked in infirmaries as the simple sister. And this act of mercy all the same did not find a response in the Russian souls. In total only were also engaged in the fact that blackened an imperial couple in all press, on streets, in clubs, in taverns, at meetings of deputies.

With development of an illness of the successor of a throne (he had hemophilia) in the imperial house it appeared much prophets doctors the Tibetan monks who vainly tried to cure the boy. It angered secular society. Especially emergence " angered all; simple man a certain Grigory Rasputin who was accused that he tried to influence policy of the imperial house. Accused him and of orgies which Rasputin allegedly suited with the empress and her immediate environment. Was so or not - it is unknown, but Rasputin could alleviate suffering of the boy for a while. And, as we know, the people who lost hope for rescue are ready to pray for any sorcerer who will be capable though for a while to facilitate their fate.

Nevertheless, Rasputin was killed in December, 1916. Plot was headed by the deputy of the State Duma Purishkevich, the prince Felix Yusupov and the grand duke Dmitry Pavlovich. After February revolution 1917 Mr. Nikolaya forced to abdicate. An imperial couple arrested and transferred to Tobolsk. Courage only once changed Nikolay. During arrest he began to cry as the child.

The fact that A. F. Kerensky hating Nikolay only from rumors at a meeting with it noted that it was the person kind, sincere, not so similar to that despot to which it presented it is curious. After an imprisonment in Tobolsk of Nikolay, his family and close servants were transported to Yekaterinburg. They were shot in July, 1918 in Ipatyev`s house which is specially bought for this case (it is known that in the Ipatyevsky palace there was Mikhail Romanov`s crowning). To the most death Nikolay kept with firmness, and courageously transferred all indignity which he suffered.