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What to paint with a fence that it purified air? I told

In the previous articles about air pollutions, cleaning methods which the nature, about the devices using these methods uses. And if it is possible to buy for the apartment a photocatalytic cleaner now - an obezzarazhivatel of air, then outdoors, especially in big cities, air continues to worsen. And we can help the nature and ourselves also here.

To seat chlorophytums everywhere it will not turn out. This houseplant.

But having photocatalyst powder, we can use it and on the street.

Where to take this powder? And what it is possible to make?

The most available and cheap photocatalyst is dioxide of the titan. It is a part of the titanic whitewash which is on sale in household shops. It is on sale there and separately, in the form of white powder. Of course, photocatalytic effect at it not really strong. In automobile catalysts platinum, in house cleaners - dioxide of the titan in a platinum matrix is used. Effect size is important for compact cleaners.

But if to cover with dioxide of the titan the whole fence or a wall of the house, then under the influence of sunshine the total effect will already be considerable. But the usual, bought in household shop titanic whitewash will not approach. It is necessary for decomposition of harmful chemical compounds, smells, bacteria and viruses that they concerned a part of the catalyst, and in whitewash these parts are covered with a drying oil layer. It is better to use paint on a glue basis, and then to smooth out the painted surface an emery paper to provide access of air to the catalyst. It is so possible to purify air around the country house.

And present that such structure covered walls of houses in the city. Especially on streets with heavy traffic of cars where there are a lot of exhaust gases. Their concentration considerably will decrease. And it is possible to cover walls with the photocatalyst already at construction of buildings. Expenses will be insignificant in comparison with the end result. In the course of purification of air powder is not spent and will work many years. Such here self-cleaning city.

Usually ecologists care for preservation and restoration of live objects of the nature. About decrease in harmful emissions. But as a result of technological activity of the person load of the nature everything increases. And technological methods of the help to the nature are almost not applied. So why not to help us the nature at least with purification of air.

But there is more to come. Dioxide of the titan can be not only in the form of powder, but also a thin transparent film. Such film applied, for example, on glass is imperceptible for an eye. And the glass covered with such film is capable to self-clean under the influence of light from organic pollution at the expense of a photocatalysis. Present a glass skyscraper. At it it is not necessary to wash glasses specially. It is expensive and unsafe. Drawing a photocatalytic film at construction will pay off only due to simplification of its further operation. And except the glasses, the building will purify still air around itself. Absolutely free of charge!

Why, for example, glasses and mirrors mist over? Fogging of glass is connected with bad wettability of a surface, that is education on a surface of small droplets of water. The surface flew down or mirrors most often is badly moistened from - for pollution with organic substances which get on them from air or at a contact with hands. The thin transparent film of photoactive dioxide of the titan under the influence of light destroys organic pollution, the surface is well moistened, and the water getting on such surface does not gather in droplets, and spread on a surface, and then evaporates.

And there is more to come. By means of a photocatalysis it is possible to purify also water.

For example, the pesticides used in agriculture in reservoirs collapse within several months. Addition of small amounts of harmless dioxide of the titan allows to reduce this time to several sunny days.

So, the nature needs to be helped only a little. Having begun with own fence.