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How to overcome fear of difficulties? Our life is full of

events. Good and different.

of the Problem, difficulty will be in our life always. More precisely, there will be events which we decide to perceive for ourselves as a problem and difficulty. Also there is no sense to wait when the sky completely is cleared of clouds to begin to rejoice and feel happy.

It is possible to derive pleasure from every moment of the life! The condition of happiness is a process, but not result.

Each problem or difficulty bears with themselves a gift. At least that satisfaction which we receive, having overcome this difficulty or having solved a problem, and also self-reliance which becomes stronger in our soul after achievement of the next top. Remember what rise reigns in soul when all of you - could overcome yourself, cross through fear and make that it seemed almost unattainable!

The fear of difficulties is a litmus piece of paper, it is a direction sign in which we are waited by development!

And you know that thanks to energy which is developed when we overcome the fears it is possible to grant the treasured desires? There is what you want to receive long ago? Think of it in the brightest paints and make that long time was not decided to be made something unusual to yourself! For example, to sing the song on the bus-stop, to give the report before audience, to take place in unusual clothes down the street, to hold negotiations with the head, to get acquainted with the beautiful girl, to jump with a parachute, etc. you will see

I how desired by itself it will begin to be executed after you could step over one more barrier in yourself, overcome one more complex which prevented to enjoy life fully. Powerful energy of release promotes execution of your dream! The you overcome bigger fear, the this energy is stronger, the you can achieve big results.

And still to dissolve fears which take place in your soul begin to feel gratitude! At the moment when you feel fear, write out on a piece of paper or think of for what you now, at this moment are grateful to life! Thank world around for gifts which it prepared for you, for that care which the world shows about your development, throwing interesting and sometimes difficult problems for the decision. Thereby the world shows us all new tops which can be overcome, opens before us all new and new horizons for our self-improvement.

Only the light which is turned on by ourselves can absorb darkness!