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Conjugal ties or free relations?

In ideal couple between partners occur communication, an exchange of energy on all charkas. It does not mean a full consent. Dispute is an exchange of energy too. The main thing that was what to tell each other. Otherwise there is not a full satisfaction of needs of partners, there is no exchange on all charkas. It means that your relations are not ideal, and, so that you can once meet more suitable partner.

As R. Uelazny told: Sometimes it seems to me that all my life is a chain of arrivals and ukhod of my loved ones, meetings and partings, greetings and farewells.

As it is sad, but it is the fact. People meet, spend some time together and leave. Concerns also marriages. Though many live on - inertia therefore - that the family is sacred without having common language, understanding, love, not to mention passion for a long time. Just live, dreaming of something the best and for this purpose without doing anything. Thereby braking itself and the partner in further development.

Many find something on the party, living in dread that it will become known. And the very few take courage and leave to a subject of the adoration at last to begin new life.

I did not make a reservation - it is really very courageous step and not everyone is capable of it. It is necessary to make a fresh start and to stay at first in an unusual situation, at the same time constantly confronting with the memoirs of the past.

Frightens many and what will be told by people? Yes as usual: She threw it and left to the lover. This parasite made it conceited. There is a rascal! ... At this tezh people pass one znachitklny detail that it at first LEAVES the HUSBAND, and then goes TO the LOVER!!! And the last in this situation not vmnovat. It only consequence, but not the reason. Before it in general appeared in her life, it had already problems in a family.

The classical explanation for this problem is a completion of karmic marriage (communication). It means that both partners already otigrat the role . As wrote Goldie: For example, if initially in marriage there were relations the tyrant - the victim the vampire - the donor and the victim - the donor as a result of work on itself changed, stopped being the victim, the tyrant or too will change, or will leave. Since he will cease to receive energy necessary to it in marriage. Disintegration of karmic marriages on advantage to both spouses, gives the chance to establish a harmonious family, instead of the being available manipulative model of the relations.

And what is done by conjugal ties? They just also do not allow it to occur. It is heavy to bear and it is a pity to throw... And instead of moving further most and to give the chance to a pratner to make too, many delay in fear of the unknown further, degrading spiritually and falling below and below, getting confused in lie and fear.

So who needs it?