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What is man`s perfumery?

Only in the middle of the last century began to divide perfumery on female and man`s. Before special distinctions in this plan between smells were not done. Besides, spirits were very expensive, and recipes of their production were kept the most strict secret.

By the way, men - Napoleon and the king of Spain George 2 were the first owners of the real spirits. The composition of the first spirits contained seven components. Disclosure of this secret was punished by the death penalty. When the court perfumer of the French yard allowed the wife to use spirits, he was beheaded.

Now honor the market of a perfume for men same extensive, as well as female. In our society art of use of men`s fragrances is gradually developed and improved. Women, owing to the situation in society, in this direction left far forward: they use the smell weapon from time immemorial. The man still should learn much: what cologne suits it and what it makes impression?

What in them such special? Men`s fragrances are stronger and sharper, and female - gentle - you can tell. Also you will be right. But it is not all truth. The matter is that men`s fragrances are created on the basis of other key ingredients urged to emphasize courage of the client. The woman often is associated with a flower therefore also the perfumery for it is based on flower, fruit smells. For men wood smells which emphasize force, tranquility, lack of excess emotions (stereotypes of society are generally used!). Musk or ambergris act as obligatory components of composition. Flower notes, however, are not excluded. Most often it is a lavender and a sage which give to aroma a shade tabachnost .

Besides, men`s fragrances a little nasyshchenny more steadily ( stronger ) female. And that the most interesting, they sound almost equally on different types and sites of skin, without changing the sounding as on female skin.

And still, of course, men`s and women`s fragrances differ in design of a bottle and packing. Primary colors - black, gray, silvery, are more rare white - symbolize success, stability, force; green and blue (usually dark shades) are used in registration of so-called sports aromas. Bottles most often - strictly geometrical forms, can be experiments with sides, rotundities, but these experiments are rather reserved. While bottles happen to a perfume for women masterpieces of the design imagination. Multi-colored glass, pretentiousness of forms and additional elements, eccentricity of registration and a relief of glass (or did not even flow down) speak for themselves.

The man wants to find in aroma something special, close and clear, individual, and also a way to draw attention opposite (or the) a floor. But how he chooses for himself toilet water? Give me water which strongly smells - so tell the majority of them. Some just buy the same perfume which use for many years or which is pleasant not to it, and his woman. Many choose not as sense of smell, and ears: the consultant says that these spirits are associated, for example, with success and welfare, and the man buys them, without reflecting whether they suit him personally. Only small percent of a strong half of mankind is ready to spend several hours within several days that without hurrying to choose for himself a suitable smell.

Skilled sellers claim that if the man uses successfully picked up aroma, then it is a merit of his woman. She knows how to help it to express itself - including by means of smells.