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What to do if at your kid temperature rose?

U you the kid grows. From the first days of its emergence you near it: together you grow, you investigate world around, you learn to live in it and together you endure diseases and indispositions. And, of course, you best of all know the kid, you can help the doctor to estimate a condition of the kid and to choose treatment taking into account his specific features.

The first signal that your child got sick it is temperature increase . In this situation the main thing - not to panic, and to work quietly and surely.

So, the kid got sick and temperaturit all night long. You were frightened of high temperature at once and right there tried to bring down it. It is not always correct, I wrote about it in article about flu recently. It is important to know that small temperature increase is even useful for your child since. helps to fight effectively against the causative agent of an infection (many microbes and viruses stop breeding at a temperature above 37 C) and stimulates immunity (the interferon killing viruses and helping emergence of antibodies is produced only at a temperature of 38 C).

You should not panic if in the evening at your kid temperature slightly rose. Its increase to 38 C can be caused by an overheat, sometimes it tail the postponed infection. It is not recommended to give febrifuges in that case. If you reduce temperature, the doctor will not be able in time (and even it is correct) to distinguish an illness. If such temperature sticks to more than 3 - x days or rises above, it can be a symptom of such serious diseases as otitis (an ear inflammation), pneumonia (pneumonia) or other diseases demanding treatment by antibiotics. Never give to the child antibiotics, surely show him to the doctor.

What to do? Put the kid to bed and provide him rest. Give it plentiful drink (sweet tea, a fruit drink, etc., but not carbonated drinks). With then it loses a lot of liquid. You remember: if the child drinks enough, temperature is not dangerous to him. Also be not afraid of reddening of skin, it occurs because it gives excessive heat.

If the kid has a fever, help it to be warmed: cover with a warm blanket, give to drink hot tea. If there is no fever, then it is better to leave easy clothes and to pound a body uksusno - water solution (in a proportion 1:1). If the state is complicated by muscle pain, and temperature is above 38,5 C, it is necessary to give febrifugal. At least, pediatricians so advise. But what mother can quietly observe how the thermometer shows 38,3 38,6 38,9 ? To observe how the kid suffers from pains, thirst, a heat or a fever?

Anyway, if temperature approaches figure 40, skin becomes motley, with faintly - cyanotic marble coloring, and extremities, despite heat, cold to the touch, call the ambulance, give febrifugal (better liquid) and pound the kid water or spirit solution before reddening of skin.

Febrifuges (their main component - paracetamol) help the child to cope with unpleasant feelings, prevent excessive loss of liquid. But you have to remember that the majority of such means which are on sale without recipe possess serious side effects on children. Be vigilant and watch that they in pure form, as a part of the combined preparations were not entered to your kid.

So, pediatricians do not recommend to apply such preparations to children:

- aspirin (acetilsalicylic acid) - does not suit children since. at flu, other infections, chicken pox it can cause Ray`s syndrome - the heaviest damage of a liver and brain. Is a part of very many combined preparations.

- butadion, pyramidon (amidopirin), fenatsetin - are toxic and are a part of some combined means.

- analginum (metamizol) - in tablets is capable to cause severe defeats of blood system and permanent fall of temperature to 34 - 35 C. In case of emergency doctors can use analginum solution in an injection once.

Without recipe you will be able to buy preparations, various in a form, doses and the price. Observance of exact dosages therefore does not need just to divide the tablets calculated on the adult is extremely important for the small child.

it is better for b to use the dosage forms allowing to measure precisely a single dose. For example, the measured spoon is included in the package of many children`s syrups. If your kid does not want or can drink medicine, it is possible to apply febrifugal in the form of candles. Their action begins later, but lasts longer therefore this type of medicine is suitable for application in the evening, before going to bed. Do not forget to study the instruction!

I wish to your child of the speedy recovery!