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What to do when there is nothing to do?

Who did not jump from a window together with a mother`s umbrella,

That is not considered the dashing parachutist so far.

not to fly to it as a bird, over uneasy crowd,

not to be to it in hospital with the bandaged leg.

to disperse boredom, like to sit some on a window sill yes to glance at the people from below. And that it was not so sad to passersby to hurry on the important issues, expose in a column window yes cut something louder. From philanthrophy, probably. Or sit in the evening on a shop with friends - girlfriends and infinitely listen to ringtones on the mobile phones. Well, it that all were aware of the last novelties.

But even if you the egoist and the misanthrope, you should not have a good time vulgarly, for example, to beat glass of foreign cars and stalls. Think: they will insert all the same new. Do not waste the talents on trifles. Set great tasks for yourself. Let stand. But it is beautiful.

If you take in head to write verses, friends will cease to call you. Matter of course, someone should read verses that there were judges. And to whom hunting to listen to others howls: When it and here it I ? Post online the creations, there they not only will be read, but also spread out on letters, will pull out outside all implication even if you about it did not suspect. And, above all - friends you will not lose, or perhaps even on the contrary, will get.

By the way about friends. They, probably, too have nothing to do? Then they are called colleagues, adherents, - you can even unite in party. Only not too you subtilize with the name, address for example parties of fans of beer. " party; For disposable " socks; or For the right to have a bit on the side will attract in your ranks new members with new ideas.

It is even more interesting to declare the party gone to a deep underground and to organize fight. For example, to issue the wall newspaper Down with the teacher on mathematics! It is also good to distribute leaflets about your educational life. It is simple: at first you write the story about how there took place the last class in botany (to physical culture, quantum mechanics), with a mention of all attendees. You leave places for adjectives before each noun and each surname. Then you approach friends and you ask them to call several juicy epithets or usual definitions (astounding, written, wooden, others, green etc.) . As sequence you enter these words in blank spaces, and then you read. Something turns out it seems Once in the astounding winter afternoon wooden 9 - And sat at others lesson of green botany . It is possible to play this game also at home, attracting parents and other relatives.

One resourceful young man was engaged in check of speed of reaction of drivers: put on black glasses and, resolutely tapping with a cane on asphalt, safely crossed the road. Certainly, in not put place. How not to pass the blind person! It us, sighted people, it is possible to press. For final triumph on the middle of the carriageway before patiently expecting drivers he removed points, took a cane under a mouse and quickly - quickly got away. Do not try to repeat described in practice!

Let`s say you the person house, on the street does not pull you. Try area of design. At first remove curtains from a window of the room, then take out furniture, a carpet, the equipment, a cat. Set for yourself the only object - to make your dwelling worthy your gifted person. Everything is good - water colors, paint, lipstick, nails. Draw portraits of the relatives, friends, politicians on walls. Also florets, slogans, appeals, wise sayings and posters will approach. Touch-up - patterns from nails. Now stretch the linen rope which is previously stolen from mother through the room. It will be a garland. Hang up on it a banana peel, couple of cans of beer, a handkerchief, candy candy wrappers. Now with a clear conscience it is brought back furniture, the equipment, and do not forget a cat!

Or perhaps you also kind person? Then you for certain feel sorry for tigers in zoo cages. To them it is very sad there, and, hundred poods, underfeed them. To stop this disgrace! Let will regale on citizens. It you solve at the same time and housing problem in the city.

One more option - for musically gifted. Rake up all ware which you will find houses: porcelain, crystal, pans. Sort depending on sounding: covers from a frying pan give a low juicy sound, and crystal glasses gently ring. Porcelain cups and saucers well approach for a rhythm - sections. Try as the performer - the avant-gardist of such immortal work as In a grass the grasshopper " sat;. Note appearance of an artful frog a tragic sound of a pig-iron frying pan. Do not forget to record the improvisation on the tape recorder or video to immortalize it, unlike ware which you can kill in creative ecstasy.

Generally, options there is a lot of Or perhaps you need to make lessons or to go to work?.