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Whether the lessons " are necessary to children; admiring nature ? Whether

are Known by you, dear readers that at schools of Japan the lessons " are conducted; admiring nature ? Not the natural study, and nature admiration teach teachers of the Japanese schools, forming at children not only respect for the environment, but also bringing up in them outdoors esthetic senses, very necessary for fruitful and qualitative life. And what interesting and developing could be admiring lessons children our nature with its richest flora and fauna!

Any feelings arise and develop in the course of knowledge, and crucial importance in emergence and fixing of emotions can have acts of adults, their own relation to environment. Esthetic senses are emotional relations of the person to fine in the nature, in life and in art. But in order that lessons outdoors were remembered to children that they developed their abilities and cultivated in them fine feelings, have to be and the competent teachers who are thinly feeling beauty, knowing firsthand the flora and fauna owning special techniques of

admiring Lessons the nature with the teacher who is not knowing names of herbs, flowers, trees and their features, not distinguishing a shepherd`s bag from a clover, an orach, a wormwood, a chistotel and not able to show shades of flowers, to like fantastic beauty of the wood, a clearing, park, the square can turn into boring tiresome walk in the fresh air. And possibilities of development of esthetic senses and various abilities at kids at such excursions are almost inexhaustible.

Scientists surely claim that Degeneration of the nature causes equivalent degeneration of the person. It cripples him physically and spiritually, threatens not only to his happiness, but also his personality, its balance and reason . Most strongly the urbanization is reflected in children. They get acquainted with the nature according to books, pictures, cinema and television movies, almost know nothing about habits of birds and animals, about wood life, about season signs.

In Japan the urbanization reached very high level, but there in the field of training and education of children seek to neutralize its negative consequences, and teaching many objects includes regular excursions to the nature, and besides the lessons " are conducted; admiring nature . Researches showed that the Japanese children distinguish about two hundred shades of flowers.

Shades only from twenty to thirty flowers are known to our children, and it testifies to scarcity of their perception of world around. Training and education have to be connected with the nature, but the school poorly uses it as second teacher and tutor though a condition of ecology such is that existence of mankind is called into question. Today it is already not enough to admire beauty of the nature and to thinly feel it, it is necessary to help it and in order that the help was effective, serious knowledge and the valid relation of younger generation to it are necessary.

Children are not born indifferent to the nature, they such become and not only because at school and especially in a family it is a little given attention to this problem. Along with large-scale indifference to problems of the nature loss of the personal relations with the nature and absence of ecological culture is everywhere observed. And stay of esthetic senses, outdoors except education, and development of the general abilities removes stresses, causes inflow of forces, raising of mood. The children who are going on nature often differ from those who are deprived with it live communication - they are ill less, do not remain indifferent to painting, to its descriptions in literature. Games outdoors and various situations of the choice stimulate cerebration of kids, intensify early development.

The urbanization turned habitat human into a dangerous zone for health, and especially it threatens a children`s organism, its fragile mentality. The poisoned air, the polluted food, the stressful atmosphere and recession of physical activities harm children stronger, than the adult. But how to awaken love to the nature? The admiring is not inherited by it and with genes is not transferred - it it is necessary to bring up day by day, but feeling this grateful.

Deep esthetic senses are very effective: the person possessing them is capable not only to enjoy fine, but also to arrange the life under laws of harmony and beauty. Do not wait, dear parents, for time when and at your school enter admiring lessons the nature, follow an example of the Japanese tutors and you teach the kids to admire beauty of the world surrounding them.

Leave, dear parents, houses petty vanity, empty efforts and illusive cares, go to travel to the nature together with children, and you will see what happiness will start to blaze their eyes when they see the ant bearing a stem, be surprised with what ease kids remember names of herbs and trees, flowers and animals, birds and numbers what fairy tales about them think out what pleasure fills their hearts.

Give, dear contemporaries to live and rejoice together with children to magnificence of the world in which we were lucky to come to be.