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Golden shower Internet: myths or reality?

Computers, the Internet, earnings in the Network, distant work... We hear these words every day and many of us already thought more than once of earnings, without departing from the computer.

Yes, the computer plus the Internet - is very strong tool for earnings, it is only impossible to forget that money - a thing not virtual, but quite tangible. Means, their real people from the real world pay and receive. Having understood it, it is possible to avoid many problems connected with earnings in the Network. People, they are also people. Meet honest, but happens and vice versa.

To you suggest to earn. There is a lot of options: polls, votes, reading letters, viewing of the websites and advertizing... The list is infinite. Suggest to buy vital the program which will make money so far you sleep... And what, only 5 dollars? And at last, offer any pyramids to which from a sort few weeks and you will be among the first lucky who will skim off the cream...

Well, in this article let`s consider only these options so far.

So, polls, reading, viewing - 99,99% of cases - a scam.

Vital the program which does everything: watches advertizing, is registered on the websites, answers questions etc. Well, you think whether there is at your place a hammer which knows when where and what nail to hammer. At the same time the hammer has to also follow rules of the hostel, i.e. not knock after 23:00... I think that you have no such hammer though on sale precisely has to be!

How it works? Somebody, clever the boy, creates a certain agiotage around the phantom - a fruit of his imagination, but movable by obvious desire to cut down cabbage from suckers. At it it will turn out! Imagine the picture when to you do not allow to come round: continuous advertizing, the description of any delights of the program, your benefits - fantastic, in comparison with expenses. On stupid question and what you it sell, time so favourably? you receive the answer something the " type; I such kind and clever, thought that all will be able to earn, here and decided to share, and these unfortunate 5 c.u. - so, type, the kampinsation " is pure;...

Works a forum, a chat and other attributes, and you are bought! You pay. At best, you receive some hogwash, in the worst - nothing, both the website, and a forum, and ICQ, and in general all " vanishes then; ends ... You - got... Well, it is normal!

Estimate yourself on this place: you find a treasure and at once dial number 112 (911 on - American!) . So? Or you do not gather? Though, quite strange, I thought that you will gather! To continue about clever boys? It am hardly necessary...

Web - masters face it constantly. As example, receive 22000 visitors on the website free of charge! also earn from it! . Well there is in it nothing shameful except that the number of the sales made by means of the website directly depends on the number of visitors also. Let`s have a look as it works. You have to pay 7 c.u. and at itself to post a certain text with references on the website, and the visitor (the same web - the master) has to make most at himself etc. too. Strong indication of a pyramid. At all this you pay 7 c.u. from which 1 c.u. will be received by the organizer and 6 c.u. other participants (you are sure that it not it?) .

What I can tell? Make the elementary actions, learn statistics of this visited site. You know what you will see? For few years he was visited by three thousand people... Still it is necessary to explain? And there will be no more than 20 tITs on Yandex... Everything is simple.

A conclusion is simple, all that glitters is not gold! Or in other words, you sometime saw advertizing of diamonds?

Be not afraid of anything, but also do not allow to fool yourself!

Good luck and luck to you!